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How To Move From Self-Sabotage to Strength and Permanent Success

Are you stuck in a cycle of continually sabotaging your diet? Here, we share how you can break this routine and stop self sabotage once and for all. Whether it’s telling yourself that you deserve a cupcake after that amazing workout or procrastinating about starting your diet, many of us have experienced self-sabotage in one way or another. The problem is that it can become a pattern that’s hard to break. If you ever find yourself asking, ‘Why, why, why do I do this to myself?’  The following is a must-read. Firstly, it’s important to realise that people don’t mean to sabotage themselves. Self-sabotaging behaviour is an unconscious and misguided […]

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Keep Life Exciting!

Here, we share why getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new is an important part of your New You Plan journey. There’s a lot of comfort in routine: waking up to your favourite cup of coffee every morning, shopping in the same stores and spending time with your favourite people. But just imagine that today was on repeat for the rest of your life. Doing the same thing day in, day out. How would that make you feel? We admit it. There are numerous benefits to sticking to a routine. The human brain has a need for predictability. It craves certainty to prevent the anxiety of the […]

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How To Be Fit & Fabulous at 50

Who says you have to give in to middle aged spread? Here, customer Carol shares how she felt before she hit 50 and how The New You Plan helped her lose 2 stone 6lbs in 3 months. Approaching 50 is when it is generally accepted that a bit of middle-age spread is normal, inevitable even. Better get used to those elasticated waistlines, ladies (and gentlemen, too, if the back pages of certain magazines are to be believed) as it’s all downhill from here. Well, our customers at The New You Plan are proof that is nonsense. You can be slim at any age. When our customers come to us they […]

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5 Top Tips to Self-care to make sure YOU are your number 1 priority!

The Path to Self-Love Self-Love is not selfish, it’s essential! You cannot provide love and care for others from an empty vessel! Self-care is so important. Many of us forget to practice self-care because we are too busy looking after everybody else. We don’t have time to relax because we don’t set aside the time. Maybe we feel like we don’t deserve it or we are just too tired to do it or care. I am not just talking about going to the gym or meditation or colouring books. Find something that works for you, and turn it into your my-time. Maybe a massage or facial here or there, perhaps […]

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Small Changes Can Make A Huge Difference – 7 Steps To Heavenly Habits

“Ordinary things done consistently create extraordinary results.” Have you ever started a diet or exercise program but didn’t stick with it? If you’re like millions of other people, you’ve set out with the best intentions but failed to keep the momentum going. Here’s why relying on motivation and willpower doesn’t work (and what works instead). When you begin any new self-improvement program, your enthusiasm is high and you’re motivated by the pleasure of what you want or the pain of what you don’t want (see our brilliant blog on how to fall in love with the process here).  Motivation naturally diminishes with time. When your motivation wanes, you rely more […]

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Anna Lost 3 Stone & 3 Dress Sizes In ONLY 3 Months

The number 3 is considered one of the luckiest numbers in the world and it was definitely lucky for customer Anna. While you might think 3 stone and 3 dress sizes dropped in only 3 months is lucky, Anna made her own luck. Her amazing transformation wasn’t down to luck, but rather finding the perfect meal plan, which delivers great results. Worried about her health and what this could mean for her children, Anna decided she had to do something about her weight once and for all. And just by chance, she found The New You Plan. Here, Anna shares how she lost 3 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes in […]

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When invisibility is your (reluctant) superpower

“It’s the fact that you’re overweight that everyone hones in on, as if you’re a bear that has mastered how to roller-skate.” It happens quite by chance, this new realisation. You might stand at a bar for ages trying to get the attention of the barman. Or try to hail a cab in the street only for 3 to drive on.  Maybe you struggle to open a door while holding heavy bags as people breeze past you. Whoosh –  like Alice plunging down the rabbit hole. You are suddenly invisible. It doesn’t matter at what age you get this superpower. Whether you have had it all your life or you […]

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Dieting revelations: Falling in love with the process

“Change is hard if you don’t really want to do it.” Here, we discuss the two biggest dieting revelations, which will help you flip the way you think about your New You Plan journey for good. How long have you wanted to lose weight? For some of us it has been a life-long battle. Full of enthusiasm, you make a decision to start a diet (usually on a Monday). You do all the preparation, make lists of what you will eat every day, add in a little exercise (the obligatory 10,000 steps) and use the weekend to ‘get rid of’ all the unhealthy food in the cupboards. Because that’s fair […]

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The 3 new reasons why the scales won’t move according to science

On your diet. Off your diet. Weight goes down. Weight goes back up. No matter what you do you can’t seem to lose weight. How can you find the consistency you need to get lasting results? What is stopping you from losing weight? We have the answer. 1. You are stressed We get it. Your ‘to do’ list is 6 pages long, you have a work assignment due tomorrow, bills to pay, a never ending laundry pile and apparently 23 minutes before school starts, to cobble together an outfit for World Book Day. You are STRESSED! Research suggest that exposure to a moderate amount of stress that you can master, can […]

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4 Changing Room Secrets That Every Woman Needs To Know

New You Plan customer and fashionista Emma shares how she went from changing room gloom to va va voom, thanks to The New You Plan. The sweat trickles down your back, over your forehead and under your arms. The constricting feeling intensifies as red welts appear on your skin. Your heart rate quickens as anxiety peaks – are you going to have to be cut out? No, you are not in a horror movie…you are in a changing room. There are 4 reasons why changing rooms give us the creeps and make us look like we are extras in a zombie movie: Flickering, florescent lighting that creates the ‘I haven’t […]

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