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Hele-Kai Vlog: 4 Stone Lost In 16 Weeks*

4 stone

As phase 2 of her TFR journey begins, customer Hele-Kai reveals she has lost another 5 lbs, taking her weight loss to 4 stone in just 16 weeks*. Click on her video below to find out what she had to say about being back on plan. What an amazing first week back on TFR! Hele-Kai is totally in the zone, with an amazing 4 stone weight loss in only 16 weeks!* A 5lb weight loss this week is the perfect boost she needs to keep going and push through to reaching her end goal. The end is definitely in sight! What we love is that Hele-Kai is beginning to experience that […]

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Stefania lost 3 stone in only 4 months*

lost 3 stone

For 40-year-old Stefania Rossetti, food has always been a big part of her life. Coming from a big South African/Italian family, food plays an important role, joking that they “don’t eat to live, they live to eat!” Although she previously lost weight, looking after two children, a full-time job and a love for food slowly saw it creep back on. Here, she reveals how she lost 3 stone* thanks to The New You Plan! Stefania, what do you think led to your weight gain? I do think a lot was psychological. My head was not in the right place. I always had a problem with my weight and having an underactive […]

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Customer Interview: Sara Lost 3 Stone In Only 11 Weeks!

Trying on dresses before her wedding day, Sara felt miserable, during what should be a happy time. As she reached for plus size dresses she knew she had to do something about it. After finding The New You Plan, she has lost an amazing 3 stone in only 11 weeks and can’t wait for her wedding. In her New You Plan customer interview, Sara reveals how she did it and why she thinks this plan has worked, when all others failed. Watch her video below where she discusses her journey and read her interview in full below. Sara, tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a single mum to Natasha […]

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Hele-Kai’s Week 14 New You Plan vlog

New You Plan vlog

Now on week 14 of her New You Plan vlog, customer Hele-Kai gets ready to go back on full TFR next week, ahead of her re-feed and Family Focus break. Watch her video to find out how much weight she has lost this week, as well as some invaluable advice for anyone on plan! While on Family Focus, Hele-Kai has lost another 2lbs, bringing her total weight loss to 51.5lbs in 14 weeks. Often when you follow an unconventional diet plan, people will tell you that it’s a fad and a short term fix and that you’ll put the weight all back on. But, The New You Plan is different, and Hele-Kai […]

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“I Dropped 3 Dress Sizes With The BEST Diet Plan”*

best diet plan

Customer Zina French was feeling fat, frumpy and fed-up! Following the birth of her two children, she gained weight while on maternity leave. She struggled through diet after diet with little to no success. Hearing about how well a colleague’s brother did on the plan, she decided to give it a go! Now, she has lost a total of 35lbs and smashed her goal. Here she shares why she thinks New You is the best diet plan!* Zina, what do you think led to your weight gain? Both times I had a baby I actually put more weight on whilst on maternity leave rather than while being pregnant. I never lost […]

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New You Plan Interview: Jackie Lost 4st 7lbs & 6 Dress Sizes

New You Plan interview

Before finding The New You Plan, Jackie Murphy was miserable. Working in an extremely stressful environment, and being subjected to bullying by her supervisor led to emotional eating, and ultimately, her weight gain. Over the years she has tried every diet plan out there. She was successful once but negative comments led to her piling the weight back on, and more. However, with determination and the correct TFR plan, she has lost a staggering 4st 7lbs, as well as a phenomenal 6 dresses sizes. Here is Jackie’s New You Plan interview… Jackie, what do you think led to your weight gain? Stress would have been a big thing in my life. […]

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Hele-Kai 12 Week TFR Journey

Now in re-feed of her 12 week TFR journey, customer Hele-Kai shares how she’s feeling. Will she make it into that 50lb weight loss category? Click on her video below to find out! WOW! Well done Hele-Kai. Even during her re-feed week, she has lost another 3lb, brining her total weight loss to 50lb in only 12 weeks! For anyone currently re-feeding, Hele-Kai has the right attitude. Listen to your body and only eat what you feel you should and can. After the discipline and regime of a 12 week TFR journey, it can be feel like you are ‘cheating’ on your diet but with healthy choices you’ll have no […]

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[Part 1] Lucy lost 3 stone in 12 weeks!*

Mid-way through her New You Plan journey, Lucy reflects on how she has already experienced a massive confidence boost, has loads more energy, her skin feels amazing, and the plan easily fits into her family life. Having already lost 3 stone in 12 weeks, she is now embarking on the second part of her weight loss journey. Watch her video below to hear what she has to say and read her words below. Lucy, what do you think led to your weight gain? I’ve always struggled with my weight but in January 2017, I was really feeling fat and frumpy following the Christmas season’s festivities. I was at a loss as […]

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Week 11: Hele-Kai’s New You weight loss vlog

Now 11 weeks into her New You weight loss vlog series, customer Hele-Kai reveals how much weight she’s lost and how she’s feeling ahead of her re-feed next week. Just as she predicted after her 1lb weight loss last week, Hele-Kai experienced a much bigger loss this week, with another impressive 4lbs gone for good. That takes her total weight loss in just 11 weeks to 48lbs*. Like so many of our customers, each week they experience big losses, and then one week, they become disheartened when they see a reduction. BUT, you must always remember that a loss is a loss and the scales are still going in the […]

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New You Plan Customer Story: Tina Dropped 4 Dress Sizes*

Tina Daniels from Galway has always been slim. Even following the birth of her children, she easily got back to her target weight. However, with a stressful job and a painful health condition, she turned to food for comfort. But one day, the realisation hit her that she had become overweight and so she vowed to do something about it. However, she quickly became disheartened when she tried so many diets, with no success. Luckily, she found The New You Plan. Today, in her New You Plan customer story, Tina shares details of her journey in the hope that she will inspire others. Listen to what she had to say […]

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