Why Walking is Wonderful for Weight Loss…*

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*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee

I am sure you have often heard that walking is great for weight loss, but now new research has proven that not only does it help you to beat cravings but you will also consume less high fat and sugary foods after you have a brisk 15 minute walk.


Walking is a brilliant habit to form when on your Total Food Replacement or Very Low Calorie Diet Plan, as it helps you to focus on being fit and healthy, and gets you away from the temptation of the fridge and the boredom of the television!


Building in the habit of walking everyday, will not only help you to lose weight and feel great, but it will be an amazing tool in helping you to manage your weight when you get to your goal, to ensure you to not succumb to cravings for junk food due to stress or boredom.


If you are prone to frequent chocolate and junk food binges you can halve the amount you normally consume by getting outside and walking for just 15 minutes, this is know to work even in in stressful situations.  So the next time you feel stressed, get up and MOVE, a short burst of energy will change your state and help you physically and emotionally.


Exercise is known to have significant benefits for mood and energy levels and has potential for managing addictions and illnesses like depression.


“Emotion comes from motion!”  Next time you feel flat, take a look at what you are doing with your body, and change it, get outside and go for a brisk walk…. Everything can change in just 15 minutes!


Professor Adrian Taylor, who led the study, said: “We know that snacking on high calorie foods, like chocolate, at work can become a mindless habit and can lead to weight gain over time.  We often feel that these snacks give us an energy boost, or help us deal with the stress of our jobs, including boredom.  People often find it difficult to cut down on their daily treats but this study shows that by taking a short walk, they are able to regulate their intake by half.”


Professor Taylor and his team at the University of Exeter have previously shown that exercise can curb cravings for chocolate but this is the first study to show a reduction in consumption.


11 Great Reasons for Walking for Weight Loss Success

  1. Helps to curb cravings
  2. Results in you eating less junk food
  3. Helps to distress you
  4. Relieves boredom
  5. Helps you to clear your head
  6. Gives you time to focus on your goals
  7. Builds your fitness and is good for your heart
  8. Tones your bum and legs
  9. Gives you the opportunity for a wee chat with other walkers
  10. Helps you to feel relaxed when you get back inside
  11. Makes you feel productive and proud


So are you up for a challenge?

You have heard of the 12 days of  Christmas, well New You is challenging you to walk everyday for the next 12 days!  To join this free challenge all you have to do is go to the New You Christmas Walking Challenge Post and sign up, and then commit to walking every day for 12 days!  Are you up for it?? I hope so!  Sign up now!

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