Is exercise or diet better? The truth revealed!

Today, our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida addresses the question that’s on everyone’s lips… Is exercise or diet better? It is a truth universally acknowledged that diet and exercise go hand in hand… or do they? Exercise is essential for leading a healthy life, however, it doesn’t always promote weight loss. Exercise increases appetite in many people and although initially you […]

[Candida blog] Feed The Wolf That Loves You

Today, Customer Transformation Coach, Candida shares the concept of ‘Feed The Wolf That Loves You’, and how you can use this to fuel your determination to succeed, whatever your goal in life is! Click play on the video below to hear what she has to say, and read her words below.   There is a wonderful, deep and thought provoking […]

{ BENEFITS } Why choose a total food replacement plan?

The weight loss battle is something nearly everyone has to experience in their lifetime. Looking to lose those excess pounds can be a very difficult task if you don’t have the right mindset and find it hard to stick to a complicated plan. Simple healthy eating and exercise doesn’t work for everyone so finding the right method that will work for […]

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