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From Despair to Delight: Michelle's Journey to Health and Happiness at 40

Michelle Lost a Life-changing 4 Stone 7 lbs (& Won £1000) With New You Plan

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How Michelle Lost 4st 7lbs (& won £1000) with The New You Plan

Weighed down by no confidence, low self esteem, and not wanting to socialise, Michelle felt hopeless. Her 40th birthday was coming up and her self esteem was at an all-time low. She had no energy to run around with her son, and she dreaded summer, spending it hiding underneath baggy layers.

She recalls the moment when she decided enough was enough: “I started getting quite self-conscious and I didn’t like going out socially anymore because I didn’t want to bump into people that I hadn’t seen for a while. I didn’t feel very comfortable. I had no energy to run around with my little one in the summer. I felt awful last year because I just didn’t want to put on any clothes that were too revealing. I just generally felt uncomfortable and fed up and my self-esteem had hit rock bottom,” she says.


With her 40th birthday coming up, Michelle was determined to start the next chapter of her life feeling better. Being familiar with this type of diet, Michelle knew it would work for her. She wanted something with good variety, and which easily fitted around her busy job as a hairdresser.

She said: “I used to do other diet plans and when I looked online, I came across The New You Plan on Facebook. It was the variety that drew me to it because the other company I used to go with didn’t have a lot of stock, and the bars were limited. I was amazed at how much there was to choose from so I decided to give it a go.”


Michelle hit her goal, losing an incredible 4st 7lbs, just in time for her 40th birthday. She is heading to Disney on a trip of a lifetime with her family, so the fact that she also won £1000 cash in our £100K Transformation Challenge is perfect timing.

But, what is more important than this, is that she is starting her 40s feeling better than ever! She told us: “It’s given me so much more confidence and energy. I like going clothes shopping now, which I hated doing before. I’ve been taking more time to look after myself as well lately. I’m back getting my hair and nails done again, which this time last year, I’d stopped. So, yeah, it’s just given me a lot more confidence.”


Bored by bland diets in the past, Michelle needed something she could stick to & The New You’s range of over 90 meals & snacks is what drew her to it. “I’m addicted to Chocolate Brownie, especially when I discovered that cooking it in the air fryer made it even gooier. Porridge is another favourite. I’m loving the combination of Mexican Tacos topped with the Four Cheese Pasta, which I pop into the air fryer”, she said enthusiastically.

Michelle’s clients are always grilling her on how she did it. “My customers ask me daily what I’m doing and a few have started it since I recommended it. So yes, my advice would be just to stick out the first few days and keep yourself busy, drink lots of water, and after you’ve hit that little three day peak, it gets so much easier and you don’t even think about it anymore. It’s just so convenient!”

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Losing weight has had a massive impact on Michelle’s life. She has loads more energy, her confidence is back and she’s enjoying socialising again. And of course, she’s enjoying the daily complements! She said: “During parents’ evening yesterday, my son’s teacher actually said, “Wow, you’re losing weight”. This week in particular, I feel like all of a sudden everybody has started to notice. I don’t know if it’s because I’m now wearing spring clothes and I’ve put all my baggy stuff away.”

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To enter, submit your before photo (or previous photo if you’ve already started the program). You must be holding the I AM IN poster in the photo to be considered. If you reach your goals by following the bi-monthly challenges throughout 2024, you’ll be entered to win cash prizes.

It’s simple: if you’re over 17st, eat 5 meals a day; if you’re under 17st, 4 meals will do. Stick to one bar a day to avoid any digestive issues. Optional snacks include crisps, biscuits, wafers, gummies, and chocolate balls. Drinking 2.5 – 4 litres of water a day is recommended to help with metabolism and hunger.

Yes, you can. You’re allowed up to 250 ml of skimmed milk each day, which is great for tea and coffee. If you prefer sweet tastes, you can also use tablet sweeteners. For extra flavour, feel free to add dried herbs and spices to your meals.

Weight loss varies from person to person, depending on your starting weight, metabolism, lifestyle, and exercise habits. Results are different for everyone, but our plan is designed for effective weight loss. Many of our community report losing between 2 to 15 pounds in the first week.* For a clearer idea, take a look at the success stories on our website.

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