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Make Good Choices That Taste Like Great Ones! With Our Tasty, Healthy, Simple, Fast Meal Plan!

starstarstarstarstar13,000+ Reviews On TrustPilot
starstarstarstarstar13,000+ TrustPilot Reviews Can’t Be Wrong! 

Make Good Choices That Taste Like Great Ones! With Our Tasty, Healthy, Simple, Fast Meal Plan!

The New You Plan offers four daily meals designed to taste amazing (so you actually eat them), satisfy your cravings, and keep you motivated and on track every day.

  • Suitable For Vegetarians
  • Easy to order meal plans
  • Save 49% – ONLY  £1 / €1.29 Per Meal  – £4 / €5.16 Per Day
  • Free Welcome Pack Included (£13.98 value)
  • Access to Our Friendly Support & Accountability Group
  • 94% Customer Satisfaction Score!
  • Backed by our Money-Back Guarantee
£42£83.58Save 49%
£90£179.10Save 49%

“I can’t believe it. I now have energy for my kids and I’m not craving food all day. Thanks to this diet I feel better about myself with lots of confidence.”

Selene McDonagh, Ireland starstarstarstarstar

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Top 3 Reasons People LOVE The New You Plan


Jaw Dropping Weightloss Results

Our meal replacements are designed to get the body into ketosis (fat-burning mode) quickly…and to keep it there. While results may vary, 75% of customers surveyed reported shedding 2 stone or more on their New You Plan!*


Feel Full & Energetic

We hate the “d” word (diet!) because we never want people to feel deprived. By eating four tasty meals per day, plus a sweet snack if you like, you’ll feel full and satisfied. Plus, you’ll have energy to spare throughout the day!


Accountability, Advice & Support

Scientific research has shown that people are more likely to reach their goals with a plan and support! Our 24/7 online community is there to provide tips, accountability, and support to help you stick to the plan so you can maximize your results!

85% of our customers said our meals tasted 8/10 or more (in a survey of 489 customers)

But How Does It Work? (And Will It Work For Me?)

Here’s the simple version: you order meals, you eat the meals, you kickstart ketosis and start burning fat instead of carbs.

Here’s the best news: there’s no bizarre grocery shopping lists, no time-consuming meal prep, and no need to move into the gym for the next month! Just swap from your regular meals to ours and stick with it for the length of your program!

Absolutely Affordable: Only £4 / €5.16 Per Day. Choose a 10-day or 21-day plan, and you’ll get 49% off our regular prices, making your meals just £1 each! It’s not just easy to stick to our plan, it’s oh-so-affordable, too.

Ready in 30 Seconds. Convenience is key when it comes to sticking to a plan. That’s why we deliver your order the next business day, with delicious meals that are ready in 30 seconds…or less!

Eat 4x Per Day. Our meal plan isn’t about starvation, it’s about enjoying tasty, nutritionally complete meals every day!

  • 100% Money
    Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure
  • Cancel Anytime, No
    Subscription or Tie In’s

100% Support and motivation

Customers have access to a wealth of motivational and support materials, as well as exclusive access to our online Secret Slimmer’s Group.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our Kickstart plans, just like all of our products, are backed by our “New You” Money-Back Guarantee. Get a free exchange or your money back on your first order if you’re not thrilled with the products you receive.

Free Welcome Pack (£13.98 value)

Every customer gets our free welcome pack with their first order, a £13.98 value! You’ll get a handy informational booklet with tips for success, access to our Secret Slimmers group, a New You Mini Blender Bottle, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any support?

The New You Plan offers an extensive online support network for all of our customers. This includes tools such as our 7 Day Kick-Start Video Coaching Programme and the excellent Secret Slimmers group on Facebook. You are never alone when you are part of our plan.

You are also able to contact us by phone, e-mail or through Facebook and we will be happy to help with any of your queries.

Is The New You Plan governed by official guidelines?

Yes. There are various UK and EU regulations which must be followed for the manufacture and sale of TFR/VLCD products. Some of these include:

Compliance with NICE clinical guidelines covering obesity and very low calorie diets

Compliance with EU Directive 2009/39/EC and of the Council of 6 May 2009 on foods intended for particular nutritional uses

Compliance with Commission Directive 96/8/EC of 26 February 1996 on foods intended for use in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction, as amended

Our products also adhere to Codex standards for formula foods for use in very low energy diets for weight reduction – CODEX STAN 203-1995

Is this plan similar to other TFR/VLCD diets?

The New You Plan diet works on the same principle as other weight loss companies. However, with some companies, once you place your order, that’s the last you’ll hear from them until you’re about to run out of products.

Here at The New You Plan we strive to offer the best in service and aim to be with you every step of the way. Whether you’re feeling on top of the world as you get closer to your target or are having a bad day and everything seems to be going wrong, we pride ourselves on being there for you.

How long has The New You Plan been around?

Julie-Ann established The New You Plan in October 2009. Having experience of a TFR diet herself, she wanted to help others achieve their weight loss goals in the same way. Her ethos is to help people to do this by giving them the tools, support and motivation to actually achieve what they set out to do.

Since then, The New You Plan has gone from strength to strength and has become one of the fastest growing weight loss companies in the UK and Ireland.

Over 100,000 People have transformed their lives with The New You plan

starstarstarstarstar13,000+ TrustPilot Reviews. 

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

starstarstarstarstar13,000+ Reviews On TrustPilot

£42£83.58Save 49%

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£90£179.10Save 49%

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£42£83.58Save 49%
£90£179.10Save 49%
starstarstarstarstar13,000+ Reviews On TrustPilot

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

97.8% of New You Plan Subscribers stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their results after a few weeks.*

New You Kickstart Meal Plan from £42

  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Save 49% – ONLY £1 / €1.29 Per Meal – £4 / €5.16 Per Day
  • 9.4 out of 10 Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Free Support Group & Welcome Pack
  • “New You” Money Back Guarantee
£42£83.58Save 49%
£90£179.10Save 49%

“Couldn’t be any happier 🙂 This plan is the best I’ve ever done and believe me I’ve done them all. It’s so easy to stick to, and so tasty you don’t feel you’re being deprived.”

Audrey Reid – UK starstarstarstarstar

* Weight loss disclaimer

All success stories you see on our website are real results from real customers, but this is not a guarantee that everyone will be able to achieve the same results. Everyone is unique and will lose weight at different rates so we cannot guarantee that you will lose a certain amount of weight.


*  Offer Terms

This offer is available to new customers only and can be combined with other promotions. However, it is subject to availability. If a customer requests to avail of our money back, exchange, or returns guarantee, it will only be applicable for like-for-like products. For example, if a customer purchased snacks, they may only exchange or return snacks, and if they purchased complete meals, they may only exchange or return complete meals. This offer is subject to our terms and conditions, which are available on our website.