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How Does Your Weight Impact the Quality of Your Life?

How Does Your Weight Impact the Quality of Your Life?

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If you’ve been overweight for a while, you have probably (and sadly) resided to the fact that the extra weight you have been carrying has been having a negative impact on various parts of your life. In fact, it’s likely that you don’t even notice it anymore. This is because when you’re not happy with yourself, negative thoughts and views creep in and take over and you become lost, not remembering what the positive felt like.

The amazing thing is, that if you evaluate and recognise how your weight is affecting how you live day to day, the acknowledgement becomes a strong motivator in doing something about it.

Here at the New You Plan HQ, we understand that it can be hard to see things when you are right on top of them and how negative breeds even more negativity. This is why we came up with the New You Wheel of Life, to help you out of that negative cycle.

Now, for us, this isn’t new, so we’ve not re-invented the wheel (get it?), this motivational tool has been doing the rounds (the last pun, we promise) for a long time but we thought we’d give it another spin (ok, we lied), to make sure everyone knows about it.

Our wheel is a great tool, whether you are just starting out and need some clarity or if you are a seasoned Plan’er and need a virtual kick up the rear. What’s even better, is that it offers measurable results. If you use the wheel once a month, you can compare your progress. This is particularly handy if the scales aren’t telling you what you want to hear.

How does the New You Wheel of Life Work?

The wheel makes you look at how you really feel about the different areas of your life:

  • Romance
  • Having fun and having and social life
  • Career
  • Personal development
  • Friends and family
  • Environment
  • Finance

Make sure you DOWNLOAD YOUR WHEEL WORKSHEET so you can start making positive changes today. And don’t be shy about letting us know what you’re looking forward to in your new life.

Being Real With the Wheel


Romance really isn’t dead you know! But being overweight can chip away at your confidence in this area.

Do you ever feel any of these?

  • You’re free and single, but how can you find love if you don’t love yourself?
  • You hate getting ready for a date or date night as you look awful in everything in your wardrobe.
  • You’ve heard that ‘happiness is a big bum,’ but fear that your partner won’t find that attractive on you?
  • You can’t bear to be intimate with your partner as you feel more self-conscious about your body than ever before.

Having fun and having a social life.

We are allowed to do this now! But if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin because of being overweight then having fun or going out and socialising can cause you anxiety rather than excitement.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Clothes shopping used to be therapeutic but now it sucks because nothing fits and you have no idea how to dress for your size.
  • Going to the beach feels more like a trip to the sauna with how covered up you will be due to the shame you feel if you show your figure in something cooling.
  • Dancing in the nightclub feels more like a stint at the gym, except you’re a little tipsy and there is nowhere to shower.
  • The build-up to a social event is stressful, as you don’t look good in anything you own and you can’t bear the heartbreak and disappointment of clothes shopping to find something new.
  • Everywhere you go you feel people are looking at you and judging you on your size. You know this because you do this to yourself all of the time especially when you catch sight of your reflection in a shop window.


Whether you’re looking for a job or already established in your career, being overweight can affect your performance and how you interact with your work environment. Your weight could be stifling your career goals, ambitions and dreams.

Have these ever crossed your mind?

  • You’ve always wanted a career in the armed forces (for example) but you know they would turn you down because you are overweight and unfit
  • Despite cramming yourself into your best suit, you doubt you will get the job because the employer won’t take you seriously because of your weight.
  • You really struggle to do your job these days as it’s so physical and your weight gets in the way.
  • You think that skinny Minnie will get that promotion over you because she looks sophisticated and more professional in her clothing.
  • You thought you hated face to face meetings because you felt people judged you on your weight, but Zoom calls are worse, because TV adds an extra 10lbs, right?

Personal development

Question: are you where you want to be in life? And more importantly, are you who you want to be? (That was 2 questions, we know). Carrying extra weight can hold you back from yourself and your goals because you’re dragged down by negativity that’s impossible to shift. 

Do you ever feel that..?

  • You used to have so much personal drive but these days you seem to lack the fuel to get going.
  • You were always so optimistic for the future but now you can’t even see one.
  • You used to be the life and soul of the party and now you don’t even RSVP.
  • You used to have so much patience but now you’re so quick-tempered.
  • You were always so eager to try new things, but now you are so withdrawn from the world.

Friends and Family

Keeping relationships going can be hard when your overweight as you don’t feel like yourself anymore and worry that your family will notice a change in you. This can ultimately prevent you from making those very precious memories. 

Do you ever worry that..?

  • It’s family film night but you’re so tired these days you’ll be lucky if you stay awake until the end.
  • Your friends have arranged a day out in the city but you know you will cancel last minute because all that walking will be exhausting.
  • Your children want to play football, but you know that you will be out of breath in minutes and you don’t want them to see you struggle.
  • Your teen asks for a selfie with you on her birthday but you refuse as you hate pictures of yourself at this weight.
  • You make excuses not to attend a family celebration as you don’t want people to judge how much you might eat.


We don’t mean your carbon footprint or how green you are here, we’re talking about your day to day living environment like your clothes, car, and home etc,

Do you ever find..?

  • Your car is quite low to the ground and you really struggle to heave yourself out of it these days.
  • You can’t remember the last time you opened your wardrobe as you always wear the same three outfits on rotation because it’s all you feel comfortable in.
  • You really miss the relaxation of a bath-it feels far too snug in there now.
  • You can’t wear your sparkly heels anymore because you feel they don’t support you.
  • You’ve no idea why housework seems to take you twice as long these days.
  • You really want to redecorate your home but have no idea where you will find the energy.


We are lucky in the UK to have the NHS to support us when we are ill, so we don’t have to deal with expensive health care bills. However, there are other finances to consider when you’re overweight.

Are you surprised that..?

  • Your immune system has let you down again but you can’t afford any more time off work ill.
  • You finally decided to take out life insurance but it’s double what you expected because of your weight and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • You’re so tired these days that you can’t be present in your business enough and you’re losing money because of it.
  • You used to take care of all the odd jobs in the house but your weight is making it difficult. You’ve now had to pay for someone to do it all for you.

So What Now?

You have no doubt realised that being overweight really zaps the fun out of life and affects your mental health and your thought process significantly. The truth is, that no one is judging you, because they are all so busy judging themselves! 

The good news is that now you know how your weight is affecting your daily life you can start to implement the changes necessary to make your life great again. 

What are the changes needed?

  1. Starting or continue with your New You Plan journey.
  2. Record your Wheel of Life scores every month to see your improvements.
  3. Picture what your life will be like as the healthier and much leaner you to take your motivation to the next level.

You will see that by taking control of your weight and health, you will also be taking back control of your life. In addition, as you experience your new life, you will be less inclined to slip back into your old one if you keep a record of what it was truly like, as a reminder.

What Could the New You Look Like?

After all those negative feelings we couldn’t resist adding some future life positive vibes to make you feel motivated for what’s to come.

You could look forward to:

  • A long luxurious bath.
  • Therapeutic clothes shopping with your friends.
  • Dancing the night away at the works Christmas party.
  • Playing at the park with your kids.
  • Photo bombing your teen’s selfies, because embarrassing your children is a parents prerogative.
  • Sunbathing on the beach Don’t forget the sun cream with all that skin showing!
  • Cheaper life insurance (ok, it’s not that exciting but you could buy yourself something nice with the money you’d save).
  • So much energy that sometimes you are still awake after 10 PM!
  • Spamming your friend and family with selfies on your social media.
  • Knowing that if you get stood up on a date, it’s their loss, because you are stunning!
  • Having the confidence to strut around the office, because you are fantastic at your job.
  • Needing to buy a second wardrobe because you overdid that shopping spree.
  • Turing up to an opening of an envelope, because if there is a social occasion, you’re there!

We could go on, but there is work to be done!

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