Going on a diet? Why you need it zip it…

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OK, you are going to embark on a diet. You feel uber determined and want to get the support and encouragement of your friends and family to spur you on your way.

You are excited about starting your diet, and proceed to tell your partner, mum, best friend, cousin, granny, auntie, uncle, your boss, the guy that owns the corner shop and the lady that walks her dog past your house every afternoon.
The whole world knows you are going on a diet, and everyone is happy for you and proud of your commitment.

Research has shown that telling people you are going to achieve a goal actually decreases your chances of success.

Sometimes just telling people that you are going to do something amazing, and getting their reaction gives us enough satisfaction, and makes us feel good, so then we don’t bother actually taking enough serious action to get some real results in making progress with our goal.

If you do get started on your goal and start getting a lot of compliments early on, this can also make you start to relax and feel that you can treat yourself a little. So you can lax off and lose your edge.

You will feel good for a while, but then you will soon realise how little progress you have made, and maybe even realise that you are back to where you started.

If you are REALLY determined to succeed the best thing to do is… ZIP IT!

Make your diet, your little secret, don’t share it with the world, but make it a strong vivid image in your minds eye.
Be quietly determined to get to your goal.

To get support, friendship and encouragement on the way look at online forums like www.newyoufriends.com– where you can chat with other dieters and share your weekly weigh ins. This way you can get the woohoo to spur you on, but from people who are on the same road as you and who will spur you on to get to your healthy target weight.

Your friends and family will soon start to the notice the difference in time, especially if you do a total food replacement diet plan, as you can experience rapid weight loss, of up to one stone per month, but by the time they notice you will be well on your journey and in a strong momentum of success, so you will find it easier to get to your goal.

If you can get a good 21-30 days of being focused on your diet, before everyone knows then you will find it much easier to get to your goal.

You might find that the support of one or two select friends or family members may be required, it can be good to have a cheerleader and support network at home too, but try not to make it public knowledge.

So if you are thinking of losing weight and starting a diet, why not try keeping it under wraps, and instead share your progress with the new you dieters from www.newyoufriends.com

Hope to see you there!


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