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Catherine Lost a Life-changing 5 Stone 7 lbs (& Won £3000) With New You Plan

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How Catherine Lost 4st 7lbs (& won £3000) with The New You Plan

Catherine’s confidence had hit rock bottom. She was in a vicious cycle of comfort eating – feeling rubbish and eating rubbish, which lead to the weight piling on fast. After seeing photos of herself at her 40th birthday party, she was horrified! She hated the thought of continuing this cycle in her 40s.

She recalls seeing photos of herself and realising she had to stop. “I had turned 40 in September and whilst I had a nice time celebrating, the photos of me were the wake up call I needed. I was horrified by what I saw. I thought to myself there is no way this can carry on into my 40s.”


Catherine decided to take control of her future. She began searching for low calorie options and stumbled across The New You Plan. It was important to her to go with a reputable company with lasting results.

“I was just doing a bit of research into low calorie diets and there were loads of options. I had a look at the reviews on Trustpilot for The New You Plan and they were really good – all very positive. I looked at some of the starter bundles and they looked great. So the combination of those things made me choose The New You Plan.”


Catherine’s bundle arrived and she hit the ground running. “The first few days actually were surprisingly easy. I think I was just excited about starting the plan. I had a starter bundle and there were lots of different options to choose from.”

Her first week weigh in showed that she had lost a massive 11lbs, which spurred her on to continue. This success continued and Catherine lost an incredible 5st 7lbs, dropped 6 dress sizes and after being named the overall winner of our Jan/Feb £100k Transformation Challenge, she won an amazing £3000 cash, which she is putting towards a family holiday. “I’m definitely going on holiday. I’ve avoided going on holidays because I didn’t want to wear swimwear or wanting to be the biggest person by the pool. Even just getting on a plane and trying to get those seatbelts on.”


Catherine’s life and health have completely changed! Her confidence is back and she still can’t get her head around the fact that she is shopping for size 10 clothes now! “You hold items up in the shop and you just think, there’s no chance that’s going to fit me. And then you try it on and it does and it’s just amazing.”

She is also back at the gym, has taken up running and has just completed the couch to 5k programme. “I now run most days, which is something I certainly couldn’t have done without losing all this weight. I have a new found self confidence and lease of life.”

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Catherine dedicated herself to making lasting change so that she can enjoy her forties feeling fit and fabulous. She has loads more energy, enjoys running, her confidence is back and she’s excited about socialising with friends again.

And she says the Transformation Challenge was a big help in motivating her to reach her goal! “I was blown away when I got the phone call. I just couldn’t believe it. I knew I’d lost weight, but not to the point where I thought I’d be in with a chance of winning or in fact, the overall winner.”

Less Time Eating Healthy, More Time Enjoying Life

Everything you need to achieve an amazing transformation in as little as 2 weeks*

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Our absolute favourite glow-ups this year are in for a treat, with a £7,000 cash giveaway every two months – £3000 to one overall winner and £1000 to four other outstanding transformations. And the grand finale? An epic £10,000 cash prize for the most life-changing weight loss journey!

Plus, if you’re a runner-up sharing your story, you won’t miss out. £4000 worth of awesome New You Plan products are up for grabs every single month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more info? We’ve got you covered.

To enter, submit your before photo (or previous photo if you’ve already started the program). You must be holding the I AM IN poster in the photo to be considered. If you reach your goals by following the bi-monthly challenges throughout 2024, you’ll be entered to win cash prizes.

It’s simple: if you’re over 17st, eat 5 meals a day; if you’re under 17st, 4 meals will do. Stick to one bar a day to avoid any digestive issues. Optional snacks include crisps, biscuits, wafers, gummies, and chocolate balls. Drinking 2.5 – 4 litres of water a day is recommended to help with metabolism and hunger.

Yes, you can. You’re allowed up to 250 ml of skimmed milk each day, which is great for tea and coffee. If you prefer sweet tastes, you can also use tablet sweeteners. For extra flavour, feel free to add dried herbs and spices to your meals.

Weight loss varies from person to person, depending on your starting weight, metabolism, lifestyle, and exercise habits. Results are different for everyone, but our plan is designed for effective weight loss. Many of our community report losing between 2 to 15 pounds in the first week.* For a clearer idea, take a look at the success stories on our website.

*Weight loss disclaimer
All success stories on our website are real results from real customers, but this does not guarantee that everyone will be able to achieve the same results. Everyone is unique and will lose weight at different rates, so we cannot guarantee that you will lose a certain amount of weight.

No, there’s no need for a subscription. You have the flexibility to order as much or as little as you want, with no commitment to a specific time period. This approach lets you follow our plan in a way that works best for you.

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