SIZE 8 I am coming to get you…

Size 8 I am coming for you!  Am I really typing this? Eeek…. I went to House of Frazer yesterday and tried on some Barbour jackets.  The size 10 fits (photo on the right) but the size 8 is too small! (Photo on the left is me pulling my “size 8 you will zip up” face.  Excuse the photos, I

[SIGN UP] Love Your Body February Jean Size Challenge

Hi everyone!  Welcome to THE NEW YOU PLAN FEBRUARY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE!  This is the month of LOVE, and this month I want us all to LOVE OUR BODY’S. This Month we are going to do something different in our MONTHLY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE! [box type=”tick” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”] WEEK ONE – Commit to forming ONE HEALTHY HABIT this month WEEK TWO

My Coat Story

We had a last minute day trip to Amsterdam! It was fun, but it was SO COLD!!! The snow was everywhere and temperatures where about -4 -8 degrees! I was so glad to have my white coat, it is full of feathers, and like a big duvet cover wrapped around me. Super cosy and warm. I love this coat for

11 Step Plan for Guaranteed Slimming Success

People over complicate success. Whether you want to lose weight or make more money, I see it all the time that people just over complicate and over think things.  It really is very easy.  Here is my kick yourself in the butt and make shit happen, 11 step plan for guaranteed slimming success 🙂 1.)    Decide you want it.  Get

4 Tips For Real Change For A New You

Do you understand the meaning of this quote?? “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”   This is a very inspirational quote which really sends a message to the reader, that if what you are doing is not giving you a real challenge then you most likely are not going to change!  If you really want to create

FAQ: Do I have to have 3 liquid meals per day?

[highlight]Lisa answers your questions and gives you her top tips for slimming success the easy way.  Lisa lost 6 stone with the new you plan in 2012 and is maintaining, you can meet Lisa in our Secret Slimmers group.[/highlight] FAQ: Do I have to have 3 liquid meals per day? No you don’t!  The beauty about The New You Plan

How to stay motivated when the scales stay still

The New You Plan offers diet meal replacements that help you to lose weight fast, but on any weight loss journey there can come a time when things plateau or when weight loss is not as big as you had hoped for.  This can mean that you can feel disheartened, especially if you have been following the plan 100%.  It

INTERVIEW – Niall Loses 6 Stone, Listen Now!!*

Listen to Julie-Ann’s interview with Niall to find out how he lost 6 stone from October with the new you plan. *Results may vary, this is not a guarantee. [button link=”” size=”xl” color=”green”]Click here to find out how to get started[/button] PLEASE NOTE THAT NIALL’S WEIGHT LOSS IS EXTRORDINARY AND WELL ABOVE AVERAGE!

Forecast Your Weight Loss Progress for Motivation

When you embark on your weight loss journey it can sometimes feel that your goal is a million miles away. It is important to remember that your weight loss journey is an evolving transformation, and every couple of weeks you will notice exciting changes.  You don’t have to wait until you get to your ultimate goal to feel good. Don’t

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