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Darren Week 18: Total loss 96lbs on Total Food Replacement Refeed*

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Darren has been completing his weight loss journey with us now for 18 weeks, he has done 12 weeks on full TFR and he has now been following refeed for 6 weeks due to medical reasons!! He started the plan weighing in at 23.5 Stone. He is now 16 stone 11lbs meaning he has lost a total of 96lbs so far THIS IS AMAZING!!


 Hi guys Darren Here ???


Wahooooooo… I’m loving my refeed and maintaining my weight loss!!


I am now 16 stone 11lbs…… BOOOOOM!!! 


I’m feeling so amazing right now, just jumped on the scales and I am the same weight as last week which means my healthy choices are working. I’m 16 stone 11 lbs and never thought in a million years I would be here right now and still maintaining.


I was away with friends all weekend in Roscommon but it’s great that I am still able to go out with them enjoy myself and still be good and healthy at the same time. Food choices are absolutely amazing I’m still Carb free and have no intention of going near any carbs for a while lol if at all, my whole mind set has changed as I am eating some beautiful food.


My life has certainly turned a huge corner thanks to the New You plan and I’m forever grateful.

TFR going on to re-feed


I won’t lie, like so many before I was absolutely petrified of going back on to re-feed, I had the voices in my head telling me I was not ready yet and could damage my hardwork, but let me tell you now there is absolutely nothing to worry about, if you are able to change your mind-set and do the full TFR diet refeed and healthy choices will just come so easily after, you will not want to undo all your hard work and you will want to keep going in maintaining and losing weight too, it’s a great peaceful mind knowing you can still eat and be healthy too. The maintainers page is absolutely buzzing at the moment and the pictures and food that people are eating are amazing and so good for ideas, I myself nearly post every picture of my dinners and food to allow others to see you can really still enjoy good food without paying the hard cost of piling back on the weight. With all this healthy eating I am actually spending less money on food as I am enjoying eating healthy fresh food.

This week saw me through a tough week, yes it was paddy’s day and boy did we have a great day, we spent the day down in Kenmare co Kerry with great friends, and even when they were all drinking and eating there fine Irish food I was drinking black coffee and sparkling water, it actually really helped I was driving so I had no excuse to touch a drink. We had a great day and was full of laughter and followed by a really good friend of mine who runs an amazing dance school in Kenmare put on a Show evening for us so we had Dinner and went to the show and was a great night.

I’m in such a good place right now, my IBS has really improved so much with the help of medication and plenty of high fibre vegetables I am winning this battle, I am still taking 3 products a day and 2-3 healthy meals snacks, and still maintaining and losing weight, if I can do this then I know you all will do this too. It’s all about mind-set, I have studied hard and invested a lot of time to get me to where I am today, yes it’s been a beautiful long road but I have no regrets or wishes that I did differently I am loving everything that has happened, yes I was in America in November on plan but I am going again this November and I won’t be on plan but I will still be maintaining and eating healthy over there too.


This has been a huge lifestyle change for me and for the better, I have finally found myself again.

This time next week I will be going to Brighton for 6 days as well as I am excited I am nervous too as this will be the first week I will be drinking alcohol with friends, but again I will be choosing the right stuff not to make me pile it on and not to drink too much either, I want to enjoy my time but not suffer over there either, I’m excited to bring all this to you and show this is possible and this can be done no problem at all, life doesn’t stop but if we make our changes real our lives can carry on for a lot longer and a lot healthier.


Remember New You packs and water only…


No Blips


100% focus and dedication to yourself will win you that prize x


Have a great week and look forward to bringing you my blog from Brighton next week x


Dazz x


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One Response

  1. pauline mc givern says:

    amazing transformation darren you are a real inspiration to us all and you prove it can be done no matter what life throws at us we can control our issues with food well done c


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