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Week 17: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement Refeed*

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New You Plan before and after

OMG I did it……


This week’s weight is 16st 11lbs



Yes I finally broke into the 16 stone barrier and boy am I feeling absolutely amazing. 3lbs gone for good, I can feel the losses each week in my clothes and my whole body frame, it’s an amazing feeling this week knowing I have now broken into the 16 stone barrier, 15 stone I am coming to get you next month x


This week has been such a huge busy week for me, I just don’t know where to start, each day I am finding myself no matter what is on I am getting up early and prepping myself for the day all be it getting my packs ready to take with me and plan what I am going to eat healthy while I am away from home, it makes such a huge difference knowing no matter where I go I am in control of what I eat and I am the one doing the ordering so I know no matter what I will be healthy.

I’m still so super proud to say I have still not had any naughty carbs or alcohol, I’m taking my refeed and maintenance so seriously that nothing will get in my way.

This weekend I was travelling away and was staying in a hotel in Dublin, first reaction was ‘OMG what will I eat when I am out and about’, I know I am safe when I have my products with me but in a hotel with all the delicious foods around me would be enough to drive any sane man potty, but no I stuck to my guns, I had my breakfast in the morning which was poached eggs and spinach with tomatoes and mushrooms and medallions of bacon (no fat) and plenty of coffee, I find this type of breakfast really sets me up for the day I am no longer hungry just after eating like I normally am if I was eating junk or Carbs, I feel full gently and I feel amazing, no better feeling. The hardest part of the weekend was when at 7pm we had no time for a break, toasted sandwiches and chips came around and put on my table, I advised the lady to please take them away as I was not going to eat this and instead could I order a chicken salad please with no dressing unless it was balsamic, well 20 mins later I got this beautiful salad made for me and I enjoyed every second of it, this just proves no matter what is offered to you under your nose, if you are fully focused and do not want to destroy all the hard work you are putting into the diet then you can do it.

I am so in the game right now, my mind is fully focused on my weight loss and maintain, the doctor has advised me with my IBS the medication I am on that I will retain water and I will feel bloated, well sorry Doctor 1-0 to me as I don’t feel bloated so far I have not retained any water and I am feeling better each day, whoop, now I’m not suggesting for a min I won’t listen to my doctor but sometimes even they can be slightly wrong, if you choose all the correct food and packs you will still shine no matter what.

This week I want to reach out to you all, anyone who is struggling with the TFR plan, either failing after a few days or can’t stop blipping at weekends or seem to cave in, Don’t do this to yourself, be strong remember at the end of the day its only food, the TFR products will be keeping you healthy and giving you all your vitamins and nutritional needs for the day, stick to your products and don’t be tempted for even the slightest blip food because it’s so not worth it. For that split 10-15 mins of wanting the junk food to feeling full on water going for a walk and clearing the head is a great free tool everyone has, It cost nothing to get out the house to go for a walk or go for a run to clear the head, even go for a long soak in the bath and read a book, even take out them old horrible big pictures and get back focused because I can tell you now nothing feels better than it does when you are close to your goal. I want to help you all and get you all feeling the way I do, give yourself 100% focus every day and no matter what comes up in your way throughout the day build a bridge and climb over the obstacles you face and you will be able to shine bright and complete your TFR diet in no time, remember to take it day by day but 12 weeks is not a huge amount of time to do this for and at the end of your 12 weeks you will start re feed and feel so much better and more comfortable about refeed and being back on food.

The main thing I have learned while being on plan on phase 2 is my new relationship with food, I am more comfortable knowing I can eat and eat healthy now than I was 4 weeks ago starting re feed, I was nervous and so frightened of eating wrong or messing up my hard work but now after studying all the good foods and healthy options every day I am planned out and I know what I am having and when and how, Nothing will get in my way this the New me and this is all thanks to the New You Plan. Check out some of my meals I am eating on my refeed plan.




Kieran hugged me today and told me he is so super proud of me for not only my amazing weight loss but for my amazing choice of food in the most difficult situations, he told me today he was so scared that when I was going on re feed that I would be back to my bad breakfast rolls and junk food but he said with a tear in his eye he is proud of me for everything I am doing, that to me is my gold medal for winning first prize, the person who I met 5 years ago healthy and slim has stood by me while I piled on the weight and is still by my side now seeing me change my habit with food once and for all. I am a winner and I want you to be too.

Watch Darren’s Weigh in Video NOW – you have to see his reaction.



This week fully focus on your day to day goals and this time next week you will be smiling and feeling amazing.

You can do this.




Love Daz xxx

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