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Week 15: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement Refeed *

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Join me for my 2nd week of Refeed!

Boom reef feed week 2 and down 1.5 lbs this week,
Delighted at the end of week 2 Refeed that I have lost another 1.5 lbs which after no exercise and no gym for 5 days was brilliant.


I have to admit that when I was going into refeed I was nervous as hell. I felt like I didn’t not want to go back onto food and destroy everything I had done so well, but thankfully I no longer have that issue. I have had the most amazing 2 weeks on refeed and lost weight as well. It’s amazing how well I have coped in really difficult situations this week and when I would of normally went ‘ah well I will be good tomorrow and just eat everything around me’. I prepped and planned all weekend so I have my 1 meal a day still and New You products. I’ve been faced with a few demons this week I can assure you as I have had to hit a brick wall really hard and fast and keep going in the direction I want to. I’ve still a lot of decisions to make this week and a lot on my mind, but I know I am going to do so well on the diet there will be no issues.


This week saw me in Westmeath, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo and Dublin. I have been so super busy but feeling a different person has kept me going through out this tough week. If you really want something you just have to go out and get it.

This week I kicked off with 146 videos for all the lovely secret slimmer’s who wanted to have 30 days of motivation and inspiration from me. It’s so lovely to touch base with so many people who have been following my journey and who I inspired enough to re-join the plan again. I am beyond proud of each and every one of you, you’re all going to smash it this week and for the next few months to all get to your target.

Photo 17-02-2016, 23 10 55

Speaking to so many of you is amazing and I feel I am part of your journey too and I love it. People have been reaching out to me and all because I am living proof of this diet. If you sit down and work hard at this diet with the products and the exercise anything is possible. To this day I still look back to when I was 26 stone and now I am looking almost into the 16 stone bracket is incredible and I love it.
I am a new person and you can be too.

Photo 17-02-2016, 23 11 26

I am feeling amazing in my new clothes, and it makes me feel so strong and focussed on how well I have done.
I really thought this was my time to re-join TFR this week but I am going to hold off for a while due to circumstances beyond my control but I will keep active and be involved with the page every day, I’m still doing 1 meal a day until I order my next lot then I will re-join TFR and smash the rest of my weight this week.

Thanks to everyone for their support this week it has been an emotional roller coaster. I am still on my journey but I’m near the finish line now and will look after me number 1 for a little while longer, really want to thank the people who took their time to message me and make me feel special and made me smile again, you know who you are.

Take care and have a great week!

Daz x

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One Response

  1. pauline mc givern says:

    well done darren you are such an inspiration to us all i love your determination and courage during hard times much love xx


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