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Week 13: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement weight loss*

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*Individual weight loss results will vary, this is not a guarantee.

Week 13: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement weight loss*


I am astonished again at my weight loss this week, another 4 lbs gone again forever. I am feeling so in the zone right now, I’m getting closer and closer to my goal – it’s so close I can almost taste it!

This is going to be my 13th week on plan and Booooom… I have lost an astonishing 86lbs in 13 weeks, I am now only 2 stone and 8 lbs away from my target of 15 stone goal.

This week I hosted a fundraising dinner dance in the Pilo Hotel, County Meath. I was so excited and nervous about going as I had not seen any of my friends since November when I was the 23 stone Darren, this week I received an amazing the reaction from everyone. They could not get over the amount of weight I had lost and how good I looked. I was jumping into everyone’s pictures with them feeling so proud and happy with my journey. I did my little speech for the dinner dance and of course I gave them all the information on The New You Plan and how easy it is and how great the products are… A few of them have already placed an order so looking forward to seeing them on the page shortly. I sat down to the meal with my delicious double dinner, Country Cottage Pie and Spicy Noodle Nosh, it was yummy and I felt like I was taking part in the dinner itself and I felt great having my Chocolate Wafer for the dessert. Even people said to me it doesn’t even look like a diet when you can eat as well as I did.


My fitness level as improved so drastically, at the moment I am at walking at least twice a day and feeling absolutely amazing. I am currently walking approx. 50-65 km per week and feeling every bit of benefit with it as well. Today I start my 30 Day Plank challenge and I am looking forward to you all jumping on board with me as well it’s only for 30 days and we can do this no problem at all.I’m loving the new gym bug I have discovered and I will not be going anywhere without my Fitbit, it kills me to take it off to charge it. I would be lost without my Fit Bit as this inspires me to get up and get out and walk. I love heading out for my walks, enjoying the exercise but also knowing how it’s benefiting my health.

I’m sure over the net coming weeks I will be slowing down with my weight loss. I know I am complete different to everyone but I’m still hoping in the back on my mind to keep up the high losses all the way to the end. Once I hit the 16 stone bracket I will be starting to look into my re feed and maintenance. I know previously when I have lost weight I have then destroyed all the hard work by not planning and following the Fresh Focus plan for maintaining my weight loss. Now that the demon has been put to bed and I can look forward to the end of my journey coming.

Weight loss sheet 04.02.2016

When I started out 13 weeks ago, I gave myself the target of June to lose and get to my goal weight. I never thought or even imagined that I would be here already and it is quiet a scary thought for me as I will be introducing myself to food again. This time I will be stronger, this time I will be accountable still every week and feel absolutely amazing.

In June I am away for 2 weeks to Dominican Republic and I want to be at my 15 stone for then. I will look good, feel good and I can have the most amazing holiday without worrying if the sun bed will collapse or if I won’t fit in the plane seatbelt. I know I won’t have these worries any more with my journey, I’m so super excited for the new me!

My Journey so far…

Looking back on my journey I would not change a single thing. I enjoyed my time in America in November and even though I was on plan 100% it was amazing to come back even lighter than going out there. I still have no regrets, I did this for me and I loved every second being on plan I just felt so amazing. This was then followed by Christmas and New Year with every blip you can think of being cooked in my house, gladly to say I resisted and sat down to a beautiful New You dinner! This time next week we will be flying away to Birmingham for Valentines weekend and I can’t wait as I’m dying to go on the harry potter tour again. Last time we went I was big. I was very big and could not get on the broom stick properly for the photos it was embarrassing, I had to have the largest Hagrid size cape that still just fitted me and I hated it, this time I will be beaming and will be jumping on to the broom with my head held high and ready for all the photos.

lookingoodFor anyone who has doubts or doesn’t believe they can achieve this, I can assure you if you put in 100% and you will get your results! So many people ask me how can you do this to yourself and not eat and of course you get the odd one saying ‘ah well you will pile it all back on’, but that is the negativity I have removed from my life. I have learned a very valuable lesson on my journey and that is to surround yourself with loving people who will not try to bring you down. I’ve lost some friends along the way but I have also lost some weight which I feel better for. I’m glad of where I am today and no one will take that away from me.

Once again thank you to all the beautiful Secret Slimmers who daily inspirations keeps me going, January Weight Loss Challenge was immense let’s do the same for Feb, who is with me?

D x

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