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This Is Me

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“This Is Me” is definitely the anthem in our online Secret Slimmers community at the minute. Here, we share why our customers are stepping out of the shadows and sharing their stories.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a bit of a new vibe on Secret Slimmers. More and more of our lovely tribe are being seen. Photos, videos, and ‘I am In’ Posters are all flashing up on the New You Secret Slimmers page, our private online community for customers… and it’s pretty amazing.

If there was background music to Secret Slimmers at the moment, the wonderful Keala Settle would be belting out ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman. For those of you who have yet to see the movie, ‘This Is Me’ is about stepping out from the shadows – whether that is shyly, hesitantly and cautiously or bravely, boldly and proudly.

We are not sure where it started but we know our founder Julz displayed a show of vulnerability during a post on Secret Slimmers. This coupled with New You’s End 2019 Strong campaign has seen a flood of beautiful faces pop up on our screen in a dazzling display of honesty and trust.

Why is this so powerful?

Vulnerability is real and honest and right where the true sense of empowerment lies. It’s the understanding that when it comes to our body image and feelings of self-worth, every one of us is swimming an upstream battle.

Think of how it feels to show your messy, human vulnerability. Maybe in the past it’s admitting you messed up, maybe it’s confessing that you need help, or maybe it’s taking a full-length photo of yourself in the mirror clutching your ‘I am In! ‘poster for our End 2019 Strong Campaign. In these situations, you might feel embarrassed or have a fear of rejection.

Now, think about the last time someone else revealed some weakness or flaw to you. Or when you saw a fellow Secret Slimmer pose with their ‘I am In!’ poster. Did you judge them harshly? Did you think less of them? We are guessing not. When someone dares to show us their vulnerabilities, we find them brave and feel closer to them.

Vulnerability is the driving force of connection. It’s brave. It’s tender. It’s impossible to connect without it. But we’ve turned it into a weakness.

Somewhere along the way, the need to protect ourselves from being vulnerable has trumped the need to connect. In response to this, we’ve stopped allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. We’ve toughened up. We’ve turned vulnerability into a weakness and guardedness into a strength. Of course, there are times to be guarded, but there are also times to be vulnerable. We’re protected, but we’re disconnected.

Here’s the problem… When we close down our vulnerability, we are shielded from hurt, but we are also shielded from love, intimacy and connection. They come to us through the same door. When we close it to one, we close it to all.

Without vulnerability, relationships struggle. Vulnerability is, ‘Here I am – my frayed edges, my secrets, my fears, my affection. Be careful – they’re precious.’ In return, it invites, ‘Oh, I see you there. It’s okay, you’re safe. And here – this is me.’ It builds trust, closeness and a sense of belonging. Echoing the vibe on our Secret Slimmers page right now.

Vulnerability is openness to experiences, people and uncertainty. It’s terrifying at times, and brave always. 

Life and weight loss happen – really happen – in the midst of our vulnerability. It’s here, in strength and with the greatest of courage, that we ask for help, try new packs, post a picture in Secret Slimmers, tell someone we miss them, ask where we stand, and feel. When we shut down our vulnerability, we shut down the possibility.

At New You, we want you to have the possibility of a healthier, happier you. Not sometime in the distant future, but right now, this year, in 2019. And that might mean taking a little bit of a risk. That might mean showing your vulnerable side.  But we can promise you, it’s so worth it. For more details on our End 2019 Strong campaign click here.

In the meantime, we would love to see you on our Secret Slimmers page.

‘I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me’.

Beards optional.

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2 Responses

  1. Marie kiely says:

    My health to put myself first to make it show on the outside what i am inside bright.not to avoid the camera and cringe anymore

    • Hi Marie,

      Thank you so much for your comment on our blog, here at New You we love to hear from you. It is absolutely fantastic to see you have your priorities well and truely in the right place. Shine bright like the star you are! This is YOU!

      Love Susan
      The New You Plan