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[Guest blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 1 New You Plan Results

Last week, we revealed that Instagram influencer Sherelee aka @kayceesworld made the decision to start her New You Plan journey. Today, after 1 week on plan, Sherelee shares her results. Read on to find out how much she lost… “Well week one is done and what a week it’s been. I’ve felt every single emotion you can possibly imagine! So how’s it been?! Day 1 and 2 seemed to fly by super easily. Then day 3 I decided to weigh myself, as did my husband who’s on a different diet. He had lost the same as me. So instantly I wanted to chuck it in and eat the delicious food […]

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This Is Why People Will Try To Sabotage Your Food Replacement Plan

Tired of people trying to sabotage your food replacement plan? Here, we share 7 strategies to keep you on track when faced with social events… Picture the scene. You have been invited out for drinks with friends. You take time getting ready, perhaps choosing a new outfit before walking into the bar and ordering a… sparkling water. Cue the barrage of questions and protests. Mention that you are on a Total Food Replacement plan (TFR) and you’d think the world had ended. So why do people find it so difficult to cope when you are not eating or drinking conventional food and drink? It’s because it goes against social norms. […]

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Everything You Wanted To Know About New You Meal Replacements But Were Afraid To Ask

If you’ve heard of Meal Replacements, you might have already formed an opinion about them. But with the NHS backing them, it’s time to get clear on the facts. Here, we share the answers to the most commonly asked questions about meal replacements. Meal replacements. Total Food Replacement (TFR). Whatever you call them, they are an integral part of the health and diet industry and with NHS England recently commissioning a trial using TFR diet plans as a tool to reverse Type 2 diabetes, it seems meal replacements are here to stay. At New You, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients to create over 40 meals which […]

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[Guest blog] Influencer Sherelee Begins her New You Plan Journey

We are delighted to reveal that influencer @kayceesworld, aka Sherelee has taken the plunge and has started The New You Plan. Each week, Sherelee will be sharing her story, including the highs, the lows and everything in-between, so that you have a real, frank and honest account of what being on our plan is really like! In her first guest blog post, Sherelee shares how she feels to get started and what has driven her to this point… “This is me….Only it isn’t. This is me 5 years ago. The weight started piling on mainly after having Kaycee. Months of living in the hospital and using take aways and convenience […]

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A Tale Of Two Christmases

Which of these scenarios will you follow this Christmas? Are you team Santa or team Grinch? Will you write off 2019 or end the year strong?! Christmas seems to separate people into one of two camps. You are either Team Santa or Team Grinch. Christmas shopping either starts in October (with presents wrapped and labelled by November) or the local garage gets an opportunity to off load (blow dust off)  3 years’ worth of tat on Christmas Eve. Challenges appear in even the strongest of relationships when one partner is a Christmas lover and the other a Christmas loather. When it comes to weight loss, Christmas also falls into one […]

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2019 Has Not Finished With You Yet

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween and Christmas season are quickly approaching, coupled with everything else you set as goals to have a great 2019. With just over two months left, now is a great time to take stock of where you are with your weight loss goals and make whatever adjustments are necessary to end the year strong. Because you still have time to finish 2019 like a boss. We are guessing a lot has happened since you sat down in January and decided that this was it. 2019 was going to be the year that you finally lost the extra weight. You might have started on […]

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9 Tasty Tips To Help You Stay On Plan When You Have A Cold

The seasons are changing, kids are back at school and the lovely cold viruses are alive and well. So, you’ve succumbed to a cold while on plan! Your nose is running, your throat is sore and you’ve a hacking cough – what’s to be done? Sadly, there’s no simple cure for the common cold, but read on for some New You top tips that might help you to stay on plan. Having a cold is absolutely no fun. You feel terrible, have little energy, and sometimes you crave foods that are definitely not on your weight loss plan. Sticking to your diet when your nose is running, and you feel […]

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How To Finally Tick Losing Weight Off Your To Do List In 2019

Have you been procrastinating about your weight loss all year, but haven’t made any progress? If so, this blog post is perfect for you! Picture the scene. It’s January 2019 and after developing a slight addiction to the Quality Street tin over the festive period, your thoughts turn to health and your New Year’s Resolution of losing some weight this year. Never one to rush into things you decide to wait until Monday to start – After all, everyone knows it IS the best day to start a weight loss plan, right? Fast forward 38 Mondays later, it’s September and you are still ‘waiting until Monday’, to start. Just us? […]

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This Is Me

“This Is Me” is definitely the anthem in our online Secret Slimmers community at the minute. Here, we share why our customers are stepping out of the shadows and sharing their stories. We don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a bit of a new vibe on Secret Slimmers. More and more of our lovely tribe are being seen. Photos, videos, and ‘I am In’ Posters are all flashing up on the New You Secret Slimmers page, our private online community for customers… and it’s pretty amazing. If there was background music to Secret Slimmers at the moment, the wonderful Keala Settle would be belting out ‘This is Me’ from […]

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4 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Time Of Year To Lose Weight

Warm jumpers, cosy nights in front of the fire and pumpkins… what’s not to love about Autumn?! But Autumn means so much more than just switching up your moisturiser and laying off the fake tan—did you know that Autumn is actually the best time of year to set new health goals? It’s true! Here are 4 reasons why Autumn is the best time of year to lose weight and make lasting changes to your lifestyle. 1. Cooler Weather is Great for Getting Outdoors Seriously, could there be a more perfect time to go for a walk outside? You don’t have to bundle up in your thermals just yet, in fact, […]

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