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How to Feel Calm and Centred when Life Is Scary

I got a message from a customer the other day that explained her situation and how the coronavirus had effected her and her family, it was quite distressing and a lot to deal with. But in the last sentence of her message she told me that she had “managed to ground herself and she was […]

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Weekly Summary & Smiles

What a week it has been! This week the country went into lockdown and the seriousness of the pandemic is feeling more and more real. Today marks day 14 of self isolation for myself and kids. It has been a crazy 2 weeks, I have been very busy, and quite overwhelmed at times, but I […]

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How Are You Going To Emerge from Lockdown?

Life has totally changed for us all over the last couple of weeks. I hope you are feeling ok, keeping yourself busy, and focused on what is inside your control. I also hope that you are feeling in control of your eating and not comfort or boredom eating too much. From what I can see […]

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Coronavirus Risk: BMI Over 40

I have hesitated to write this blog post because I did not want to panic or upset anyone. The more I thought about it the more I felt that as a diet company we would be doing a disservice to our customers for not addressing this issue at this crucial time. Our job is to […]

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Spring Forward! COUNTDOWN CODE

This Sunday the clocks spring forward! To mark this Spring Milestone, we have launched our popular countdown code. The code is CLOCK20 and it will give you 44% off on Wednesday, and this will drop by 1% every day until Sunday. Spring will be different this year, and our lighter evenings will be spent in […]

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The UK has went into lockdown mode after the Prime Minster announced it on Television. Some movement is allowed for essentials, like food and medicine. People are allowed to go to work if they really have to, and allowed to exercise outside once a day. It is strange times we are living in, there is […]

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I Just Discovered House Party App

Today we downloaded HOUSE PARTY APP and it looks great. I am still learning about all the features but it looks like an amazing way to stay connected with your friends and family. You can talk to multiple people all at once and play games together. Tonight me and my girls played a drawing game […]

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Is Watching The News Triggering Your Emotional Eating?

There is no doubt about it, watching the news right now is causing a lot of anxiety and stress for everyone. We all want to stay up to date and stay informed, but we also need to look after our mental health and physical health. Watching too much news will bring our mood down and […]

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