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[Open For Registration] – March Weight loss Challenge

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Blog Written By Tasha Hynes





We want to help you make 2016 YOUR YEAR!!!

March we are focusing on Unleashing your MOJO!!!!!! ????❤



February was an AMAZING weight loss all round :) There was a total of  Lost in the month of February between , so many people Smashed their Targets for the month WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!





❤???? So we want to make this the month that you UNLEASH YOUR MOJOf, you are the most important person on this weight loss journey, You are the person that matters you are the person that is making the change for yourself! ❤????


This March Weight loss Challenge is going to keep you motivated and keep you on track because you are going to see that change in yourself over the up coming weeks, every little inch of your body is going to shrink, you are going to learn how to keep yourself motivated and get your MOJO BACK!!!!!


As February was such an AMAZING Month with the weight loss challenge ? We are going to continue to keep you on track and motivated each week! To do this we are going have an AMAZING prize draw every Friday for everyone who has updated their weight loss for that week!


What are you going to win you ask????


Well, because we are really focused on making sure you get the best from The New You plan we are going to be giving away 4 FREE FITBITS in the Month of March!!! WOOHOO!!!!



Benefits of the Fitbit:

  • Step Counter

  • PC Connectivity

  • Calorie Counter

  • Alarm

  • Distance Counter

  • Water Resistant

  • Activity Time Tracker

  • Accelerometer – this measures the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body.

It is so easy to take part and so easy to win such an AMAZING prize!! This year we want you to focus on YOU!! We want to help you get your Mojo back 🙂





So Get involved all you have to do is Enter your name and weight loss goal below in the comments section below and that is you registered for the March Weight Loss Challenge!!!


Let’s do this… let’s SMASH those LBS!!!!!!!





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309 Responses

  1. Rozi B says:

    14lbs goal in March for me please!

  2. Jennie Stokes says:

    My goal for March is 1 stone, let’s do this xxx

  3. Mary-Anna says:

    My target for March is to lose 14 pounds

  4. Naomi Gregory says:

    14lbs goal in March x

  5. Gemma walsh says:

    March goal is 8lb cos Feb was a disaster ?

  6. Tamara fastwich says:

    My goal for march is 14 pounds?

  7. Lucy Hall says:

    My weight loss goal for March is 1 stone. I know this will help give my mobility back by taking pressure of my joints! Can’t wait!xxx

  8. Maz Davies says:

    My weight goal for March is 8 pounds

  9. Therese Connolly says:

    12lbs for me please

  10. I am going to lose 21lbs in march!!!! Lets do this!!! I am starting on the 1st!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

  11. Anna Knight says:

    I was to lose 10lbs in March ?

  12. Carol McKie says:

    My goal for March is 1 stone

  13. Louise Mitchell says:

    YAh!!! Have been waiting to join a challenge! My Goal for March is to lose 15 Lbs please 🙂

  14. Angela says:

    I am getting back on track and I want to lose 14lbs for March

  15. Victoria says:

    Looking for 14 lbs in March xxx

  16. Rachel McCormick says:

    10 lbs please , thank you ?

  17. Nancy says:

    My goal is another 10 lbs (more is a bonus)

  18. Lynette Whiting says:

    14lbs for me please ?

  19. Jan says:

    Good morning My goal for March is 1 stone. It is going!

  20. Jannah Radwan says:

    Goal for my second month on the plan is 14lbs, hope i can hit it. Smashed my feb goals so well, so hope to keep the momentum going and that the numbers wont drop off!! lets do this people!!!

  21. Danielle says:

    Goal for March is 10lbs, weight loss is slowing down now. Let’s do this!!!

  22. Helen Coe says:

    Failed miserably in February. So 15lbs for March please! Let’s do this, people! I’ve got a wedding dress I need to fit into by the summer, so HAVE to do this!

  23. livvy says:

    14 lbs .nerve but know this is the best way to do this.

  24. Simone says:

    Starting afresh tomorrow on a March detox – goal for March is a stone! Let’s do this!

  25. Jonathan Dunlop says:

    15 lbs in March

  26. Suzanne says:

    I keep failing,but I’m determined to do this for the summer.would like a stone off in march

  27. Philippa Ellis says:

    OK time to get serious – I want to lose at least 1.5 stone, 2 stone would be my dream goal, presently a size 16 and I want to be a 12 before my holiday to Sorrento the end of May!

  28. shirley palmer says:

    14 lbs by hook or by crook 😉 xx

  29. Karen says:

    For the month of March I would like to lose 1 stone

  30. Esther says:

    For March I’m going to lose 8lbs to get me to target !! X

  31. Anna Santina says:

    14lbs for me please xxx

  32. Jennifer Stewart says:

    Aiming for 2 stone !

  33. Nicola says:

    My goal for March is a stone.

  34. debbie says:

    I would like too loose 14pound in march

  35. Lisa says:

    15lbs for March for me please x

  36. Amanda Long says:

    March Target – 17lbs
    Bring it on…

  37. Keri B says:

    8lbs in March for me!

  38. Carol says:

    14 lbs for March please. .. ???

  39. Sharon Dunn says:

    Lost my way in February. Back on board now gonna give it 100%. 14lb for March ☺

  40. denise Ni feareall says:

    I would hope to loose 16 lbs in March please ha.thanks

  41. Kathy martin says:

    I want to lose another stone in March

  42. Jackie M says:

    If I can get 4lb off I’ll be happy as going on refeed on March 11th

  43. Brenda Fitz says:

    I hope for 7llb as have things planned for weekend of 18th

  44. Caoimhe says:

    14lb for me in march please

  45. pauline mc givern says:

    10lbs this month please

  46. Heather Hawkins says:

    I lost 6 lbs in my first week so in March I want to loose 14 lbs ? put me down for the challenge

  47. Nicola Tierney says:

    14lbs for me in March please. Thanks

  48. Sarah Blazey says:

    14 lbs for me in March please 🙂

  49. Linda flood says:

    I want to lose 15lbs in March ??

  50. Emer says:

    Hopefully 10lbs – anything more will be a bonus

  51. Julie richards says:

    18lb. Going all out to achieve this. Let myself down so far this year x

  52. Heather Hawkins says:

    14 lbs for me please

  53. Sharron Squires says:

    1 stone minimum, would like 21Lbs, I have a holiday booked with Caroline McDonald in June, we have been every year for the last 3 years and I no longer want to be the’big bird’ (im only 4ft 9) on the beach.
    Need to kick myself up the bum!!!! tomorrow DAY 1 again xx

  54. Sandra MacDonald says:

    Just starting today and would love to lose 20lbs in March! Xx

  55. aileen says:

    I really need it to be 20 pds and will be happy with anything above 26 pds. Good luck all x

  56. Claire says:

    14lbs for March

  57. Lisa Edwards says:

    Aiming for another 14lb in March ?

  58. Maire Leydon says:

    8lbs is my goal for March. I want to drop my couple of refeed lbs and get my weight even lower than ever before ?? March let’s be havin ya ? We can do it ??

  59. Anita Sweeney says:

    My goal for March is 12.5 lbs. It will bring me into the next stone bracket (11s)

  60. Tracy b says:

    I would like to loose 21 lb pleeeeez

  61. Hannah Parry-Bruce says:

    I would Like to lost 14lbs in March please!!

  62. Pauline says:

    My goal for March is yes you guessed it another stone ? This will get me to a 1lb to my first goal and a 15lbs to my next goal that I’ve just decided on well why not ?

  63. Kirsty Brennan says:

    12lb in March for me please Tasha ?? xx

  64. Kathy Martin says:

    Thought I had already but can’t see name
    Another stone would be good

  65. Bernadette Connaughton says:

    I would like to lose 14lb in March.:)

  66. Laura Wigham says:

    A stone and a half for me please x

  67. Jeanine Beck says:

    I didn’t make my Feb goal and feel raging at myself for it! I NEED a fit bit in my life and think I’ll buy one but can’t afford it at the mo so I’m crossing everything

    My march aim is to lose 14lb! Good luck everyone xo

  68. Jasmin Hattab says:

    Aiming for 14 pounds for March please lovely Tasha xxx

  69. sandra macdonald says:

    20lbs in March would be amazing!

  70. Gael says:

    12lbs to get into the next stone bracket would be fab!

  71. Junni Bezzina-Scott says:

    To break into the 9’s would be amazing! I’m hoping for a 12 lbs loss! Please please please I would so love a Fitbit jx

  72. Charlene says:

    Lets smash those pounds!!!! Im going to aim for 4 pounds a week, that’s 16lbs in total for the month of March….. WE CAN DO THIS 🙂

  73. Kayleigh David says:

    14lb please X

  74. Kay Farragher says:

    Looking forward the March challenge! Finished my meds this weekend so back on track from Monday. 12 lbs loss hopefully.

  75. jerri says:

    8lbs for me please!

  76. Belinda says:

    My goal is to lose 21lb this month!

  77. Violet says:

    My goal is 14 lbs for March

  78. Christina S says:

    20lbs for me pls

  79. Kate Maguire says:

    I would love to loose 14lbs in March.

  80. Sam Robinson says:

    I want to lose 10pounds this month but not starting till mid March 🙂 I’ll let you know when lol

  81. Anne. Dickenson says:

    I really want to lose 10lbs and that will take me to my goal I have a wedding to go to on 19th March so want to lose half by then. Then my birthday in April

  82. Michele Wickham says:

    March challenge 14lbs please c

  83. Diane says:

    March Challenge 10lbs

  84. Tina says:

    Just setting 7lbs as target. On 5:2 and reached goal but would prefer to be a few pound under as went up a few pound and want to loose that. I also WANT one of these fit-bits please so need to be in it to win it!

  85. Julie says:

    9.5 lbs for my March challenge please x

  86. marisa mackenzie says:

    My goal for march will be 14lb xx

  87. Michelle Smith says:

    My goal for March is to lose 14 lbs.

  88. Aisha says:

    Hi Tasha
    18lbs for me please. X

  89. Bernadette OConnor says:

    Would like to.lose 10lbs this month

  90. Maurren Dodkins says:

    I am aiming for 14lbs please.

  91. Laura O'Connor says:

    My goal for March is 14lbs, hope I can smash it!!

  92. Mel Patterson says:

    I would like to lose 14lb in march

  93. Nina says:

    I want to loose 15 lbs in March !??????

  94. Sara Davies says:

    I’d love to be able to lose 16lbs. Fingers crossed.

  95. Kim Haughton says:

    I’m in. I’d like to lose 14lbs this month.


  96. Mairead says:

    My goal is 10lbs for the March challenge! ??

  97. HeatherS says:

    16lbs please!

  98. Donna Stewart says:

    Aiming for 14lbs!

  99. Anita G says:

    I’m aiming for 12 pounds – stepping it up!

  100. Jill G says:

    My goal for March is 8lbs as I am referring for a wedding at the end of March! (Back on straight after)

  101. Deborah says:

    My goal for March is 14lb!
    Good luck everyone x

  102. Lisa T says:

    As a newbie starting my NY journey, I’d like to loose 21lb in March, my first month!

  103. Triona says:

    14 lbs in March!

  104. Angela says:

    Going for 14lbs we can do this I am hoping to do the 21 but don’t want to put a goal too much out of reach xxxx

  105. SandraMay says:

    Overall goal of 20 pounds so 10 for March please – slow and steady to finally finally get this!!

  106. Leanne Porter says:

    My goal is to say goodbye to 1 stone in March ??

  107. Janis M says:

    14lbs in March!

  108. Simone Hough says:

    A stone for me!

  109. Mary-Ann McGlynn says:

    Goal is 8 lbs for March… need time out to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and my 35th wedding anniversary both in the same week. !! Happy days !

  110. kate humphreys says:

    My goal is to lose 14lb in March. Gonna give it 100%

  111. Caroline McCrea says:

    4 lbs for me by next Friday 11th would be fabulous as I’m going on refeed like Jackie while I’m away until my return at Easter. That would be great as it would mean I would finally be in the 12 stone bracket before I go!! I can’t do the whole month but…bring it on next week!!♡

  112. Janet Williams says:

    another 10lbs this month my weightloss has slowed down a bit but i’m having more snacks will try and have less this month and more water

  113. Lorraine Watson says:

    I would like to loose 14 lbs x

  114. Lorraine Dwyer says:

    I’m only on day 3 but I would like to lose at least 14lbs, I’ll be ecstatic with more than that but I’m aiming for 14lbs minimum!!

  115. Monique Russell says:

    I am aiming for 21lbs in March 2016

  116. Roisin says:

    14 lbs for me 🙂

  117. Helen Kitt says:

    Hi 18.5lb for me

  118. Helen D says:

    I’m not starting til my birthday which is mon the 7th so I’ll be a week behind hope it’s ok to still join so I can be accountable. I wanna loose 16lbs by end of March xxx

  119. Michelle C says:

    3rd time lucky… My goal this month is 14lbs

  120. Deborah says:

    Just about to start on Monday, if my food arrives 🙂 So, planning on 14lbs in my first month. x

  121. Deborah says:

    Planning on 14lbs in my first month 🙂

  122. Lisa Edwards says:

    Week 1 weigh in for March Challenge = 3lb ☺️

  123. Philippa Ellis says:

    First week 7lb loss

  124. Angelina Sim says:

    I think I forgot to register for the challenge ? Anyway I’d like to say cheerio to 14lbs during March! Anymore will be a bonus!! ??

  125. Anita G says:

    Week 1: 4 pound loss!

  126. Sandra MacDonald says:

    Week 1 for March and down 11 lbs!!!

  127. Kathy martin says:

    5lb ?

  128. Jasmin hattab says:

    2 lbs lost this week on the March challenge ….. Aiming for 14 lbs this month ?

  129. Ariete says:

    I have lost 2.20lbs since the 1st of March . My tootal goal for this month is 22lbs 🙂 only 20lbs to go. lost in total since starting the New you plan in January 18th 20.28 lbs by following the plan on weekdays and eating healthly at weekends with my family, This last few weeks of March will be a diferent challenge as I want to do it all week except Easter Holidays when i’ll be going to see extended family. Wish me luck 🙂

  130. jerri says:

    My first week in march I have lost 3lbs!

  131. Aine says:

    14lb target for me by the end of March.

  132. Hedge Hogg says:

    14 lbs please!!! Please don’t add me to the draw as I already won a fit bit, but I need the accountability!!!!! Going on holiday on 26 th do need to be really focuses between now and then!!!!!

  133. Leonore says:

    Today is day 1 so hoping for 14 lb loss!

  134. Nanda oconnor says:

    I’ll be happy to 18 lbs Tasha 🙂

  135. Trisha R says:

    7 lbs for March. Thanks.

  136. Paula Sherriff says:

    7lb for March please

  137. Lorraine Watson says:

    Week 1 of March challenge. Only 3 lbs

  138. Emma T says:

    12lb goal for me in march

    1st week 2lb loss

  139. Roslyn says:

    My goal is to lose 1st in the month of March. Starting weight 11st 8lb, end of week 1 weigh-in 11st 2lb.

    6lb loss in my 1st week

  140. Janet Williams says:

    9lbs this month
    only lost 0.25 I had a break and did put some on which I have lost thankfully so does this count as a loss or do I add it onto to next week

  141. Catherine Mc Knight says:

    I would love to track my weight loss for March has taken me a while to get back on board

  142. Antoinette says:

    My goal is to lose 14 lbs for March

  143. Anna Santina says:

    I have lost 4.5lbs this week

  144. Lucy Hall says:

    Not sure I wrote week one loss??
    Week 1: -6lbs
    Week 2: -1lbs (today)

    Happy with that as I fell off the train for a few days due to family problems.

    7lbs to go for March goal!?X

  145. Deborah says:

    Start weight, Last Tuesday 8th March, 15st 3lb. Today (13th March), 14st 12.5lb – whoopwhoop! Here we go – there’s no stopping me now. The thought of not having to heave all that weight around in the Summer is fabulous.

  146. Michelle Smith says:

    Weigh day today,: 5lb off this week. ?

  147. Sandra MacDonald says:

    2nd weigh in and another 3 lbs off for March, that’s 14!! Yippee! ?????

  148. Sarah Shields says:

    Goal loss in March – 14lb.
    1st weigh in of March – 4lb.
    2nd weigh in of March (today) – 4lb.

  149. Nicky platt says:

    I’m aiming for 7lbs for March

  150. Alison Miller says:

    Hi! Just starting plan today. My goal for the month is to lose a stone! Xx

  151. Deborah says:

    First week weigh-in – five and a half pounds gone!!! Whoopwhoop!

  152. Lorraine says:

    My goal is to loose 1 stone in March – 1st week completed 8lbs off – great start delighted.

  153. Anita Crant says:

    Goal for march is to lose a stone. I lost 7lbs in week one, next weigh in not till Thurs 🙂

  154. Anca Balcan says:

    My goal for March is to loose 9 pounds! Good luck everyone ?

  155. Mary Campion says:

    Just started week 1so my target for March is 7lbs

  156. Mary says:

    My first package is arriving today, sooo cant wait to get started. Im hoping to lose 8lb by the end of March. Im being conservative as Im finding it hard to lose weigh due to meds that I am on.
    Fingers crossed this works for me.

  157. Diane C says:

    Ok so it’s been one of those months where I have had too many special events so plan has been out of the window! My weight chart looks like a mountain range going up and down but over the whole month I have managed to end up at neutral so no loss but no gain either. Should be a far better month in April ??

  158. Kayleigh says:

    Re started lost 10lbs this week stated 100% all week :0)

  159. Anna says:

    Hi there I am starting when my pack arrives only ordered Friday so doesn’t give a lot of time but I would like to make a goal of 5lbs by the end of March x

  160. Junni Bezzina-Scott says:

    I definitely set myself an unachievable target of loss for the month of March! I’m not disappointed but annoyed at myself for expecting too much next time I need to be realistic. So for me only a loss of 1 lb for last week so in total for March 6 lbs. oh well definitely no prize this month. Jx

  161. Lynn pawson says:

    Want to loose 2 stone for my brothers wedding in august in the south of France

  162. Julie says:

    My March loss is one stone and two pounds, smashed it ?????? xx

  163. Philippa Ellis says:

    Ok no more weight loss for me in March – boohoo! But no more weight gain either – hooray! So just 10lbs lost in March – didn’t hit my target but happy with this ?

  164. Helen Coe says:

    Total loss for me in March was 7lbs. A way off my 15lb target, but still a step in the right direction!