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REGISTRATION! May Weight Loss Challenge*

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*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee

Woohoo! May is nearly here, can you believe it?


This is the BIGGEST month of the year for losing weight, EVERYONE is looking to slim down and drop a couple of jeans sizes in time for June!  

So to help everyone we are hosting a May Weight Loss Challenge…. and it is going to be EPIC!



We are giving away COOL PRIZES every week!!! Prizes include…

  • Free Prize bundles including 30 Bundle, 5o Bundle and 100 Bundle – you could win a bundle to help you lose more weight or maintain your new slim figure this summer! 
  • Bonus Promo codes will be given out so you can save more money this summer with new you!
  • Ipod for you to load up with your favourite tunes to keep you motivated & moving this Summer! 
  • Fashion Vouchers for you to buy new jeans in your new slimmer size!
  • And MORE! Watch this space!
    Prizes will be given not justto people who lose the most weight, but to people who show a POSITIVE HEALTHY ATTITUDE, who ENCOURAGE OTHERS, and who are CONSISTENT with their efforts and show signs of forming new HEALTHY HABITS.YOU DON’T NEED TO BE THE BIGGEST LOSER TO WIN PRIZES!! You just need to get a little bit better every week!As well as giving away FREE PRIZES every week, we will be going ALL OUT to motivate and INSPIRE you to get to your goal, so you can enjoy this summer at a healthier weight that makes you LOOK & FEEL GREAT!

EVERY DAY – you will get DAILY MOTIVATION in the form of articles, audios, videos, worksheets, fun tasks and more!

OK – so are you in??

I hope so!  All you need to do is comment below with YOUR NAME and how many pounds you want to lose between NOW and 1st June.    Once you comment your name will be added to the OFFICIAL LIST OF PARTICIPANTS, and then you can check in every day for a dose of motivation, and share your weigh in results every week, and be in for a chance to WIN PRIZES WHILE YOU SLIM DOWN!



JUST FOR REGISTERING for the CHALLENGE BEFORE 1st May and we will GIVE YOU our SLIM FOR SUMMER HYPNOSIS AUDIO for FREE – worth £15.00 -HURRY THIS BONUS OFFER IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO REGISTER BEFORE 1ST MAY.  (Please note we will email you next week with details on how you can access this.) 




  1. Julz – 16 pounds
  2. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  3. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  4. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  5. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  6. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  7. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  8. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  9. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!
  10. Add your name and weight loss goal below so we can put your name on the list!




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209 Responses

  1. Sinead says:

    My aim is to lose 3st on this challenge!!

    • Julz Julz says:

      HI Sinead, glad to have you with us! 3 stone is a big target for 1 month, the challenge is only for may, I will put you down for 20 pounds and let me know if you want me to change it. Julz

  2. Lesley Bunker says:

    Lesley – 15 pounds

  3. Sarah Ashford says:

    i would like to lose between 15 – 20 bls by 1st of june

  4. Monika Ring says:

    Monika- I would like to loose 20lbs by the first of June.

  5. Juliet Ogbeifun says:

    Hi julz, I did the program for a week in January with great result but had to pull out because of a car crash. Will you take me back? I want to do the may challenge.
    Juliet______56 pounds.

  6. Juliet Ogbeifun says:

    Juliet____16 pounds

  7. carmela says:

    Carmela – I will lose at least 16 lbs in May xx

  8. Suzanne Cronin says:

    Suzanne – 10 pound

  9. Aoife Courtney says:

    I would like to loose 1 stone 4 pounds

  10. Aoife Courtney says:

    Aoife 18 pounds

  11. lillian allinson says:

    I would like to lose 21 lbs by the 1st of June.

  12. Kat says:

    For May I really want to work at my weight and not give in to temptations! I would like to lose around 25 lbs 🙂

    • Amy says:

      Hi Kat…. as long as you keep positive and focused you can achieve your goals its great to have you doing the may weight loss challange with us… Amy xxx

  13. kelly says:

    want to lose 21 pounds

  14. Han says:

    Han – Want to lose 16lbs by June 1st

  15. Ellen!! says:

    I WILL lose 14 pounds!!……..hoping I didn’t jinx it now 🙂 xxx

  16. Dee says:

    During the month of May I hope to lose 21lbs

  17. Liz says:

    I want to lose 1 stone

  18. Lisa30 aka Lisa OKeeffe says:

    hi, I’ve been on the new you plan since January 16th..i couldn’t recommend it more!Im down 4stone. hoping to lose 12lb in may!! love love love this diet. its the first diet that I’ve found easy to stick to and i haven’t broken it once since January! its gr8 to see the change in my weight every wk. its also motivated me to join fitness classes that id normally avoid like the plague! thanks Julz for the constant support!! roll on may:-):-) best of luck everyone xxx

    • Amy says:

      hi Lisa…. that is such a nice comment to leave thank you so much im so pleased the plan is working for you and you are enjoying it too…. good luck with the may challange i know you will smash that 12lb target with a great attitude and outlook like that… Amy xxx

  19. Jude says:

    Count me in and put me (Jude) down for 21 lbs please 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  20. hey michelle says:

    Hi I will b 31 on 25th of may and last yr I was approx 16 and a half stone I’m 13st 10 today would love to 12 st 10 for June so put me down for 14lb please julz best of luck to everyone

  21. Sandra T says:

    I cant wait to get started, I want to loose 1 stone in May. xx

  22. Shinny says:

    Aiming for 24

  23. amanda says:

    I have just recieved my diet and i would love to loose 20lb by start of june.

  24. Gemmala says:

    Oooooh would love to lose 21lbs by June 1st! Eeeek!

  25. KLEE says:


  26. Sara says:

    I’ve lost 20lbs so far. Am having a week off as owe people lunch, dinners etc. and, most amazingly, have a new boyfriend! He thinks my body is gorgeous! he wouldn’t have done if he’d seen it before I started this diet and I still think he needs glasses, but there you go…

    I am aiming for another one stone off in May!

  27. miriam says:

    my aim is to lose a stone

  28. sara says:

    i aim to try and lose 1 stone, slowly and safely enjoying every lb as i drops off 😛

  29. Tara says:

    I’d like to lose 18 pounds by 26th May when I head on holidays, but need to lose 32 pounds in total!!

  30. julie says:

    I want to lose 14 pounds

  31. Lisa says:

    Only on Day 3, aim is weight loss of 20lbs 🙂

  32. hi all am signing up just to motivate myself .. have a weding in 6 weeks so i need to lose as much as possible…. THE SKINNY PERSON INSIDE OF ME IS SCREAMING TO GET OUT……

    • Julz Julz says:

      hi Ann… i was just wondering what your weight loss goal will be for the month of May During the challange??? As long as you stay positive and focused on your goals you can achieve anything…. great to have you with us for the may challange… Amy xxx

    • sheila says:

      well by the sounds of it that skinny person is starting to be heard and listened to !!!!!GO FOR IT

  33. John McKenna says:

    Hi, this is my second attempt to start this so this time no more excuses, looking to loose 2.5 stone, so let the games begin, New You……I want a New Me

    • Julz Julz says:

      hi john… i love it “i want a new me” great mantra to have…. ive put you down for 20lbs for the May Weight Loss Challange as i assume 2.5 stone is your over all goal… if you would like me to change it please let me know… great to have you with us… Amy xx

  34. jennifer tate says:

    hoping i lose 14lb this month

  35. Jean Hartridge says:

    Aimin to lose 21 lbs…..

  36. margaret fullen says:

    16lbs by 1st June

  37. Vivienne says:

    May challenge 2 stone.

  38. Jan says:

    I need to get into a bikini in June. I want to lose 2stone

  39. Julieann says:

    Would like to lose 14lbs before the 1st of June and I should be at my goal then (or near enough) Bring it on!! xxx

  40. Anastasia says:

    7 lbs to lose. i was doing healthy eating as i done the new you plan before didn’t put no weight back and didn’t lose them 7 lbs, ordering new you shakes again tomorrow, by the look of things only new you can help me to lose and to say goodbye to the 7 lbs and then healthy eating. good luck everyone x x x

  41. Eve says:

    Put me down for…. 16lbs.

  42. Elayne says:

    For May, I’m going for 16lbs. In total I’m going for 3st.

  43. Susan forde says:

    I would love to join your challenge Julz for the month of May. My aim is to loose 14lbs but would be just as happy if I was down 7lbs. I think this is a great idea of yours, I am really looking forward to it even though I may have a few bad days but sure for every bad day I could have several good days. I get over this week with 2 confirmation weeks and my husband on a weeks holidays it will be great. BRING IT ON I AM GAME

    • Amy says:

      GO SUSAN…. great attitude to have BRING IT ON WAHOO!!!!! good luck with the challange im sure you will SMASH IT!!!! and with a positive attitude like yours you will encourage everyone around you… GO TEAM SUSAN YAYY!!! Amy xxx

  44. Megababe says:

    For May I want to lose the last of this weight forever, want to be 9 stone 7lbs by end of May 🙂

    • Julz Julz says:

      hi… i was just wondering how many pounds you would like to lose during the challange??? its great to have you with us i think this challange is going to be great… Amy xxx

  45. Emma says:

    Im in! Would like to lose 20lb in may 🙂 x

  46. i would like to lose 14lbs by the 1st june 🙂

  47. julie says:

    head back in gear starting again on monday would like to aim for 20lb in may

  48. Eleanor says:

    Want to lose 10lbs in May.

  49. ruth says:

    Hi, starting again tomorrow, 20 lbs in May (fingers crossed)

  50. Edel says:

    Hi Julz I want to lose 16lbs in the month of May and I want to keep my exercise up so will track 150 miles on iMapmywalk on my average of 5 miles of dog walking a day!!

  51. Gerardene says:

    I would love to loose 21lbs that would be great?????????

  52. Rhonda says:

    aiming for 14 pounds but hopefully 20lbs

  53. Trish says:

    14 – 15 lbs would be just great!

  54. Edel says:

    I wouls love to lose at least 1 stone during the month of May. I have such a big problem getting started on the diet, and keep having 1 last day of junk food, which is causing me to gain weight rather than lose it. I am now making the commitment, I have to.

    • Amy says:

      hi edel

      its great to have you with us here for are fab new weight loss challange…. as long as you stay positive you can achieve anything… if you feel like you are having a down day let us know and we can pick you back up thats what we are here for…. are you friends with our facebook page? if not come along and send us a request at

      good luck with the challange we are all here for you…. Amy xxx

  55. Sarah says:

    I would love to lose 2stone but don’t think I’ll do that b4 JUNE!!! so my goal is 1stone looking forward to losing the Wight 🙂

  56. Moira says:

    I would like to committ to losing 14lbs during May to add to my 15lbs so far. Good luck everyone.

  57. jenette says:

    want to loss 14 lbs in may

  58. Josephine says:

    I would like to loose 1 stone per month

  59. matilda says:

    My name is Matilda, i would like to lose 2st on this challenge

  60. emma c says:

    I would love to lose 14lbs in da month of May

  61. Andrea says:

    14lbs needs to be gone by may 31st, let’s do this

  62. Sharron says:

    Sharron here 🙂 I’d like to lose 10lbs in the month of May. I gotta a feeling it’s gonna be a great month 🙂 Good luck to everyone taking the challenge 🙂

  63. Breeda says:

    I lost 32lbs in six weeks with New You products. Now I’m refeeding and I think that is the real challenge for me so I am setting myself a goal of losing 8lbs for May, that’s one or two lbs a week in the right direction using a mixture of New You products and real food.

    • Julz Julz says:

      yayy well done breeda you are doing so well… im really pleased the plan is working for you… good luck for the may challange… Amy xxx

    • sheila says:

      Congratulations breeda on your fantastic weight loss give your self a well deserved pat on the back hope i can do half as well as you when i start the plan. im just awating my product delivery and then im off !!! best of luck with the refeed and your may challenge.

  64. sheila says:

    hi my name is sheila and i would like to lose 10lb by the 1st June, its time i took control of my eating !!!!!!!

  65. Marian says:

    Hi, I want to lose a stone

  66. Claire says:

    my name is Claire…I would love to lose 14lbs in the month of May

  67. hi every one. my name is mary and i would love to lose 141bs in the month of May. good luck to all.

  68. Lorraine Lawless says:

    I hope to lose 2 stone end of June with this challenge

  69. Glynis Bradley says:

    I would like to lose 3 stone 7 pounds by end of June with this challenge

    • Julz Julz says:

      HI Glynis… i have put you down for a goal of 20lbs for the may weight loss challange as im guessing 3 st 7 lbs is your overall weight loss goal… i hope thats ok… great to have you with us for our fab challange… good luck… Amy xxx

  70. claire says:

    I want to lose 14lb this month

  71. i want to loose a stone in may

  72. Chris says:

    i’m trying to lose 30 lbs before a july wedding. normally i’d turn to running, but i’m presently sidelined due to injury, so i’m trying this diet plan for now.

    • Julz Julz says:

      Hi Chris…. i have put you down for 20 lbs for the may weight loss challange… i hope you enjoy our plan and challange… hope your injury heals soon… good luck with the challange… Amy xx

    • sheila says:

      hi chris best of luck with diet plan get a kick start with it first and then you can RUN to the finish line when your feeling better!!

  73. Alison says:

    I struggle with my weight constantly and will lose 21ibs in May!

  74. eirn says:

    i would like to lose 4stone one dis diet finger cross

    • Julz Julz says:

      hi erin… i have put you down for 20lbs in the may challange this will give you a positive start to your overall weight loss goal of 4 stone… as long as you stay focused and positive you can achieve anything… good luck with the challange… Amy xxx

  75. Rumen says:

    I want to lose 1 stone by the end of may

  76. Anne Sollom says:

    I aim to lose at least another stone by the end of May, and with New You, I know I can!

    • Julz Julz says:

      hi Anne… Awh that is so nice to hear that the plan is working for you… good luck with the May Challange and keep up the positive attitude and good work 🙂 Amy xxx

  77. Michelle says:

    I want to lose 12ibs

  78. well hello! I am here, my May goal is 21 pounds! I soooooo want to be a goal for 3 June, which is 11 stone/10/13 – I need to finish this off!

  79. Lori says:

    I want to lose 20.

  80. Lindsay says:

    I want to lose 21lbs in May to get into my wedding outfits – got 4 to go to in June and July!

  81. Siobhan says:

    Wud luv 2 lose at least 14 lbs in may. Will only be doin 2 tfr products per day. 14lbs wud b massive. Anything d extra wud b a giant plus. We CAN do it. Best of luck every1 xxx

  82. krystal says:

    i am so excited to be back and i aim to lose at least 1 stone by 1st june. i am so excited.

  83. mairead says:

    I want to loose 21 pounds in may hoping to exceed that target even!! want to be beach ready for the summer! 🙂

  84. Emma says:

    Hi All,

    My aim is to loss 2 stones – 28 pounds!


  85. Andrea says:

    Hi everyone just starting today wish me luck I’m nervous and also excited butterflies in my tummy hope I can stick to it and get the amazing results you lovely ladies have been getting,any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated

    • Lisa30 says:

      hi Andrea, I’ve been on this diet since 16th really does work!All you have to do is stick to it. What I always say to myself if i see something yummy is- that’s what got me in this mess in the first place! Time is going to pass regardless so may as well be losing weight instead of gaining. As far as products go they’re all yum. My fav bar is lemon one, fav shake is banana fav meal is spicy noodle nosh. Original oatmeal is lovely too. Im not a fan of the soups but my friend likes them so its a matter of taste! All snack foods are lovely..especially wafers and peanut bars. Chili snacks and bbq nuts lovely too. If you want to maximize weightloss shakes and soups only is the way to go. I have lost 4stone in 14wks and i had a bar every breakfast, noodle nosh every lunch and shake or oatmeal for dinner. For month of May im going to try hav shakes only with the odd wafer wen im stuck. Still need to lose 2stone. Best of luck!! x

      • lolli says:

        WOW! 4 stone in 14 weeks fair play to you, i have a wedding in 10 weeks and you have just given me the boost i needed, I can totally loose 40 pounds between now and then… goal is 4 pounds a week which i know can happen. Wow well done you… i have been on and off this diet due to social events and now i know i have 2 events i will have to eat at but i will be determined to have a 4 lb loss those weeks also…

        • Lisa30 says:

          thanks lolli! its sheer determination! I’ve a wedding the first wk of august which is keeping me motivated. I should be comfortably in a size ten by then all going to plan! When i started in January i didn’t think id be sitting here 14wks l8r down 4stone!! i haven’t come off the diet once and any social occasions i had to go to i drank sparkling water..i have a hen wknd the end of June that i wil refeed for but then full steam ahead til August

          • Sheila says:

            Congrats Lisa30 on ur win it was well deserved after all the hard work,positive attitude and encouraging words you gave to every one on your journey,keep up the good work!!!

      • Andrea says:

        Hi lisa30 thankyou for your lovely reply, I must say your fab weight loss is really spurring me on as I needd to lost a min of 3stonee, may I ask what is the average weight loss in the first month? Thanks also for the hints and tips

        • Lisa30 says:

          no prob Andrea! I lost 11lb my first wk..4lb 2nd wk and i kinda got between 3 and 4lb per wk after that.after 1st month i lost a stone per month

          • andrea says:

            whoo hoo lisa thats a fab weight loss cant wait to do this im on day two, its lovely to hear from people like yourself who have got on the plan and are doing fab x

    • Julz Julz says:

      hi andrea…. great to have you with us on the may challange…. could you please let me know your weight loss goal (in pounds) for the challange just so we can keep a running total for our leader board… Thanks and good luck… Amy xxx

    • Olivia says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Make sure to drink loads of water, and have you tried the chilli nuts?
      They are fab! I have them at night -delicious!
      keep going – I am heading for day 3, it can be tough, but worth it!
      (Lets be a crotch for each other!!!!!)
      Cheers to a new us!

  86. Denise Noble says:

    Hi, I want to loose at least 14 pounds in May, wish me luck!!!

  87. lolli says:

    I would love to loose 18-20 by June 1st,

    i dont want people on my facebook to see that i am hooked up to the secret slimmers so i have not done it yet? Does anyone know if there is a way of doing it without it flashing up on your page at all. I have a mates that would just not get why i would do this diet, the reason is it works. But if you dont have it to loose i guys you would not understand.

    Any suggestions?

  88. Aud says:

    Hi all got the products months ago and I lasted half a day 🙁 So determined now – drinking my shake as I type! Hope to lose 5lbs a week for 4 weeks so hopefully 20lbs down by end of May.

  89. Louise says:

    Communion over so I can focus again I still feel a bit frumpy so put me down for 12 lbs in May!

  90. Una says:

    Just started today so I would like to lose a stone this month so I can fit into my summer gear for what I hope will be a sunny June.

  91. SarahS says:

    I’m just starting back on the programme. I’m at my highest weight ever. I would like to lose 28lb by 1st June. I have the weight to lose!

  92. Sheila says:

    Hi Julez hope to lose 10 pound for the month of May!!! Its about time i got my eating under control

  93. Deirdre says:

    Need to lose 35 lbs in total so, hopefully, I’ll lose 21 lbs in May.

  94. Julz Julz says:

    Woohooo Everyone I am so excited at how many of you guys are stepping up to lose weight this may!!

    Lets do this!!

    Julz xx

    • sheila says:

      thanks julz were all in this together really appreciate the encouragement so lets get the party started, i know at the end of may instead of always saying no to party invites ill be first there to show off my new bod and confidence !!!! so in your words lets do this !!!!

      • Julz Julz says:

        Yay!! LOVE your attitude Shelia! Let’s get the party started so WE CAN PARTY!! And look amazing 🙂 xx

        Good luck honey xx

  95. Grainne says:


    Ok..wana lose one stone by the end of we go!! POSITIVITY!!!!!!!!

  96. I hope to loose 24 – 28 lbs on the May challenge,xx

  97. Dawn says:

    Thirteen and a half pounds from me from the u.s.a but I’m english!!

  98. jennifer mcclure says:

    I hope to lose 14lb 😀 fingers crossed

  99. Barbara says:

    14 lbs please 8)

  100. Make-upLover says:

    Hi Julie. Its Make-upLover back after a few weeks of being on and off. I am aiming to loose my last 2.5 stone before July. So for the end of May I would love to be down 18 pounds! Cant wait to get back into the swing of things!

    Good luck to everyone and you can do it!!

  101. Rosa says:

    i would like to lose 40 pounds.

    • Julz Julz says:

      hi rosa… great to have you withus for the may weight loss challange… i have put you down for 20lbs for the month of may to get you started as im guessing 40 is your overall goal… good luck with your weight loss journey… Amy xxx

  102. Alan Doran says:

    I want to be 14 pounds down with a healthy BMI and be on the refeed for my holidays

    • sheila says:

      good on ya alan its about time we took control,got healthy,and were able to walk about the pool without sucking our tummies in !!!!!!good luck

  103. aoife says:

    would like to lose 21 pounds

  104. Tina says:

    I want to lose one stone please!

  105. fee says:

    fell off wagon last week n aim to loose 2stone

  106. AmyFoxx says:

    Hello! I want to lose 24lb this May. At least! Ordering tonight and going for it! So excited!!good luck everyone!!xx

  107. Rumen says:

    I would like to lose 1 stone

  108. Louise says:

    I have just started week 3 of The New You Plan. And down 1 stone! I’m thrilled. Would like to lose another stone by the end of May. This would bring me down to 10 stone 12 lbs, and closer to my goal weight of 10 stone 🙂

  109. on week 3 on the best plan ever and 20 pound down would love another 10 gone by the end of may 😉

  110. Martina says:

    Would like to lose roughly lose 14 lbs or so but just wanna feel comfortable in my clothes. Dont really mind what number it says on scales as long as i feel good and look good.

    No more excuses.
    It’s time to get my ass in gear and do this for myself. Now is my time.

    Best of luck everyone on this challange.

    WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. maria says:

    Don’t know if im to late for may but here goes anyway after two weeks down 13 3/4lbs would love to lose 14lbs in may

  112. Leah says:

    I would like to lose 14 – 19 lbs in May X

  113. Michelle says:

    I hope to lose 14lb and have a beach babe body for my jolidays at end of may ……… 🙂 fingers crossed

  114. Gemma says:

    After many false stsrts I am starting the May Challange. I want to lose 16 lbs. I would like to be a secret slimmer as I would prefer not to let my friends know right now.

  115. Mary says:

    gonna take this challenge … placing my order today so a stone would be very nice off in may

  116. Sheila says:

    Hi im just starting my first day on plan, have got my first delivery today woohoo ! I’ve just had my first shake banana yummy. !!! Determined to do this may challenge and it’s great to be a member of secret slimmers and have the support network without even leaving the house ! Best of luck to everyone I’m looking forward to reading all the success stories of the may challenge and here’s to me being one of them !!!!

  117. Ger says:

    Hi, I started yesterday and got through day one . I hope to lose 20 lbs by end of May. Let the journey begin!

  118. jenni says:

    Woohoo 1st day of may challenge almost done and im feelin great….. hope every1 else is doing well!

  119. […] REGISTRATION! May Weight Loss Challenge […]

  120. Claire says:

    I would like to lose 1 stone in May, or 6.5kg (I normally work in kg – is that going to be OK?!)


  121. Karen says:

    I want to lose 16 lbs by june

  122. […] If you haven’t signed up for the May Challenge you can do so here. Love to see you there, I am doing a daily video/audio and a task for you to complete to help you to stay focused this month and make it MAGNIFICENT! […]

  123. Nicole says:

    Already lost 61 pounds and I want to lose between 15 and 20 pounds by May 31st.

    • Julz Julz says:

      Good Luck Nicole!! Hope you kill it!! xx

    • lolli says:

      61 pounds, great work there Nicole…. how long did it take you… you must feel like a new Nicki… isnt it just amazing when people you have not seen in a while see you slim for the first time. i love the double take! lets go for triple takes for june!!! that will be 80 lbs for you,i dont know you but i am super proud of you!


  124. Claire says:

    Hi there

    On day two today and really looking forward to losing between 14 – 20lbs in May. Find the videos really motivating. Would love to be down 28lbs in total by mid June but taking it one day at a time.
    Love the shakes and bars by the way!!!!!

  125. olivia says:

    Started New You plan – 1 May. Replacement food fab! 2 days almost over
    now! Looking forward to 1 June……and 1stone lighter!!!

  126. Ronda says:

    Started the plan again with products left over so hoping this will kick start my diet again and then can order some more of the newer products that look so nice.

    Never mind the mad march hare, I am going to be the may maiden that needs a new wardrobe ha ha.

    Good luck to everyone that is taking part. Would love to hear tips on what you do to jazz up the meals etc

    • lolli says:

      Hi I add CAULIFLOWER to the noodles, it makes it look like you are eating more, but i but the CAULIFLOWER in first then pour the noodles over it and almost looks like you have potatoes / rice under there, it tastes amazing… try it?

      I am not sure there is anything else you can do to dress them up but would love to hear some other tips also!

  127. Ronda says:

    I meant to say that I wanted to try and lose one whole stone for this month and hopefully then one each month until i reach my ideal weight.

  128. […] WOOP WOOP!!!! PLEASE NOTE:  If your name is not on the leaderboard then please REGISTER HERE and if you need to order products for the first time READ OUR GETTING STARTED page or just call us for a friendly chat as we would love to help you get star […]

  129. nicki says:

    i want to lose 12lbs in total in may…i am not starting until 8th… 🙂

  130. Mary-Ann says:

    Would love to lose 14 lbs in May. Gotta be done !

  131. Graham Storey says:

    I hope to loose 21 pounds for the month of may

  132. Michelle Oxley says:

    Michelle Oxley and I’m going to lose 19lbs!!! GOING!!! lol xx Thanks Julz x

  133. Dee Quinn says:

    HI THERE, STARTING A BIT LATE BUT BY JUNE 1ST I WANT TO LOOSE 18LBS…6TH MAY Morning Starting weight=13 stone —June 1st I want to be 12STONE 10LBS XXXXXXX

  134. michelleannhamel says:

    my goal is to be at my first target by 21st may it is 12 stone twelve then i can set a new target

    • Amy says:

      hi michelle if you let me know the weight in pounds you would like to lose i can add you into our leader board xxx

  135. Olivia says:

    Hi, I joined on May 1……and have lost 9 lbs….day 7!!!!!

  136. Graham Storey says:

    Day 7, 10 lbs lost 🙂

    • Amy says:

      hi graham… would you like addedinto our leader board? if so please let me know your overall weight loss target for may and i an add you in, Amy xx

  137. julie says:

    Julie E, 1st weigh in since start of may challenge and im 6lb down

  138. lolli says:

    week one and 8.3 lbs down… yay…

  139. mel says:

    hi, im hoping to lose 20lbs in may

  140. Geraldine says:

    Hoping to lose 21 lbs in May

  141. Jacqueline Wogan says:

    I would like to lose 20 LBS!

  142. JoAlice says:

    Hello all, I am desperate for motivation and need to stick with this, want to lose 14lbs for the month of May. Fingers crossed….

  143. Martin says:

    Target for the 1st June is 28lb (2 st).
    On 2nd May starting weight was 17st 10lb.
    On the 9th May, weight was 16st 12lb, a lose of 12lb…..brilliant !

    Got to keep it going 🙂


    • Julz Julz says:

      WOohoo Nice kick start for you there Martin!! You are killing it!!! Brilliant, hope you get to your goal, that will be great!! Keep going. Julz x 🙂

  144. Linda says:

    My goal is to lose 8lbs by end of may

  145. annemarie says:

    Hi, i’m only starting to day and there is only 2 weeks and a bit left. So my goal is 13 pounds. If you think it is realistic then i will go with that. If not maybe you can suggest a more realistic one. Thanks xx

  146. Aileen says:

    Starting tomorrow morning 16th MAY , would be lovely to have a stone off by the beginning of June.2 weeks. Not sure how realitic that is, but reading comments on your site, it seems attainable. Fingers crossed. Would be happy with 10lbs though, thats a dress size.

  147. Sandra Byrne says:

    Hi. I started the diet 17th May so hoping to lose 10lbs by the end of the month. Fingers crossed but I am determined.

  148. Nasreen says:

    Nasreen… 1stone

  149. annemarie says:

    Ok1 week one. Started 14th May. down 7lbs.

  150. sheirleen says:

    so just started the program today. i hope to be down 10 lbs by 1st of may. fingers grossed 🙂

  151. Mary-Ann says:

    Hi Julz – trying to update Leader board but don’t know how.
    anyway, here’s the story…
    Joined New You early May and set target – lost 6 lbs in first week – great !!!
    Went on hols to Barcelona for 10 days, had a ball but ate (and drank sensibly)….lost 1 lb.
    So target for end of May is another 7 lbs.
    Totally back on TFR and definitely going to meet that goal by end of May.
    Hope you get in the main meals soon, they are brilliant !
    The Facebook page is brilliant.. so many helpful and motivating experiences.

  152. Wendy Molloy says:

    I would like to report that my first week weigh in i lost 10lb
    am so happy my aim to lose 4 stone in all.


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