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Hannah Blog 1 – Week 5 total of 34.3lbs lost*! This week 7lbs* GONE

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Blog Written By Tasha Hynes



Hannah Is back with a BANG!!!! 


*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

Hannah was 22 stone at her heaviest, her starting weight was 19 stone, she loses 4 pounds every week but last week she lost 7 pounds in one week!!! She has been on plan for 5 weeks. So for I have lost 34.3lbs!!! For the first time in her life she is running and has signed up for a 10k. Her facebook post went viral and was viewed by over 300k, She is focused on following FAST FOCUS until her Holiday in June. She absolutely LOVES the new you plan.

We at The New You Plan have teamed up with the lovely Hannah to follow her weight loss journey, she is a little ray of sunshine and will be guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 


We are going to catch up with her every week to see how she is getting on – this week we have a video for you to watch and catch a little bit of her happiness, and we also have some written notes from Hannah Herself, she is such an inspiration to everyone. 


Grab a cuppa and watch her short video below ☕☕


• Name 


• Where you are from? 

North Wales

• Starting Weight?

19st 8 3/4lbs

• Current BMI 


• How long have you been in the plan & how much weight have you lost?

I have been on plan now for 5 weeks. So for I have lost 34.3lbs.

• What led to you making the decision to take control & start the plan?

Since having my daughter, the weight had started to creep back on and I was finding that I wasn’t being as active with her as I could have been. I also wanted to make sure that I am teaching her to have a good behaviour with food. Not the bad habits that I have when it comes to food.

We are also off on holiday in the Summer and the last thing I wanted was to be really hot and uncomfortable. I know I would constantly be feeling self concuss about what I was wearing. I wanted to feel confident.

• How did you feel when you started the plan? How was the first week?

I was mentally prepared for this and I know how hard week 1 can be so I wasn’t going to let it overcome me. I bought myself a new bottle, had all of my products set out for the week and just took one day at a time. Day 4 was a tricky one for me. That is when I feel like I hit a wall. I just kept powering through and reminding myself why I was doing this diet. Before I know it, I was jumping on the scales for my second weigh in!

• What you loved about the week

This week was a crazy week. I loved seeing the scales go down everyday. Some people like to jump on the scales every week but I like to have a sneaky look every morning. It definitely keeps me going. This week I watched each day as the scales dropped a pound a day. I couldn’t believe it! And then on Monday morning, I just on the scales for my official weigh in to see that I was 7lbs down!!

• Wow Moment 

2 week ago, I couldn’t run 20ft without hurting and being completely out of breath. Over the weekend, I ran a total of 9.5 miles!! I could not believe it! I am running a 10k in less than 2 weeks now and this has all be preparation towards that. I am excited and nervous but am going to be so proud when I cross over that finish line!!

• Products you had that week

I am a straight up Strawberry shake and omelette kinda gal! My day usually looks like this:

8:30am – Strawberry shake

1pm – Strawberry shake

4:30pm – Strawberry shake (sets me up for my run)

8:30pm – Omelette with pepper and Tarragon

I will then have a bag of salt and vinegar crisps on a Saturday night!

• Comment on any new products

I am yet to try and of the new fudge bars but I am just placed an order for some. I am sooooo excited for them to come! I am not really a bar eater but I am excited to try these!

• Secret Slimmers

I think having a good support system behind you is really important when you are on this kind of diet. I am not going to lie, time do get tough and something you may feel like you want to quit but just remember you have the secret slimmers facebook group right there. They are all going through the exact same thing as you. Being able to talk to them and tell them what you are struggling with will really help you. Just takes a few works for someone to stop you from throwing all of your hard work down the drain. So please please if you haven’t already, come and join the secret slimmers facebook group.

• The team support

The guys at New You are such a great support. Last week, I was sat talking to Grant for ages about my journey so far. It is great to be able to talk to someone from the team and know that that support is there if I need it. They don’t just take your money, send the products and never have any communication with you. They really do make you feel like a friend!

• What found hard and overcame 

My biggest struggle has been getting the required amount of water into me!! I really struggled especially in this weather to drink 4ltrs. I then though of adding hot water to my bottle along with the cold water and it just helps so so much!! I can now easily drink 4ltrs throughout the day.

What tips have to help other people

My number one tip would be to have a goal. Where it be a wedding, a special day out or a holiday. Set yourself a goal to work towards, that will keep you on track!

Also, drink lots of water!!!


Did you get the chance to see Hannah’s Post last week on facebook? It went Viral!!! 

If you missed it CLICK HERE to read all about it in her blog!! 


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  1. pauline mc givern says:

    great blog hannah you are doing fantastic and i loved your reaction to the bully lol x