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[GUEST BLOG: TASHA] “Two dress sizes dropped* and counting!”

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*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee

I DID IT … I got my dress for the wedding!

It is a size 12 but it is a little bit baggy in some areas and the size 10 is too tight and uncomfortable. You can’t win with some shops can you?!

Tasha 1I was going to put a photo up and show you all but I am going to drag it out a little and tease you all, lol. I have everything sorted now! I just can’t wait for my pamper session. I love how confident I am feeling! I am going to get my spray tan next week in an actual tanning place. I normally go to my friend but because I don’t feel as embarrassed I now have to confidence to go into a salon! I am actually going to let a stranger wax and tan me… I’m buzzzzzzing! I’m also having my hair put up. I have always worn my hair down because I felt it covered my double chins in a way but there’s no need to do that anymore because my double chins are gonnnnnnne!

I didn’t think with losing all this weight that I would feel so great about myself but I do! I feel AMAZING!

I have never been so happy! I love looking at photos of myself from the last few months as my face is just lit up! I’m smiling from ear to ear. I still can’t believe I have dropped 2 dress sizes so quickly. I still have a wee bit to go but I am happy being a size 12. I’m so close to my healthy BMI and as long as I am at my goal before my holiday I will be jumping with joy.

Tasha 3

Speaking of jumping, I literally feel so much lighter on my feet. I have been doing a lot of walking and I have so many dogs and they need long walks. I used to nearly pass out walking up and over the hills with them, but now I am walking up and over those hills with no problems. My breathing is fine and I actually feel so fresh after my walks now. I’m enjoying them so much more because I’m not sweating or out of breath!

Tasha 2

Until next week,


P.S I’m holding off on my weigh in until next week because the wedding is next Friday! So my weight loss will be revealed next week! xx


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One Response

  1. You are doing amazing tasha so proud to be sharing this journey with you beautiful lassie x