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Frequently Asked Questions Friday: What to order on The New You Plan | VLCD Diet

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Frequently Asked Questions Friday

The lovely Suzanne and Lorna Answer:

What to order on The New You Plan | VLCD



Lorna and Suzanne speak to us about what to order if you are just joining The New You Plan. They mention the fact that customers are expected to have four of the TFR products and that we do make allowances for snacks every second or third day on our VLCD plan (Very low Calorie Diet)

What was slightly harder for them to cover in the video and therefore I thought I would cover it in the body of the blog.

Total food replacement items

The following are classed as total food replacement and can be used as one of your four products a day on our VLCD plan

All the shakes, soups and meals and bars are suitable to be used as one of your four products per day. They each contain 25% of your RDA’s which is the reason for you needing to have four of these products.


We do make allowances for snacks on this plan, we suggest limiting yourself to two, maximum three snacks per week. The snack items are not classed as Total Food Replacement in that they do not contain all the nutrients that the Total Food replacement items do.

For this reason we suggest using these as a treat on tough days or maybe on days when you are exercising just to help give your body that little extra boost. The snacks themselves are still suitable for both a ketogenic diet and VLCD. This basically means that they are formulated to keep your body in ketosis and due to the calorific content are suitable for a Very Low Calorie Diet (under 800kcal)


We do try to make this process as easy as possible for you so one thing that we have done that is really useful to help tell the difference between Total Food Replacement items and Snacks is we label all of our Total Food Replacement Products – TFR VLCD in the name on the website.

Another helpful tip is when you are ordering a bundle that allows you to choose your products such as the 30 Bundle, 60 Bundle, 120 Bundle or the 240 Bundle all the products are grouped. We list all the snack items at the bottom of the bundle in their own group. This means that anything that you order in a bundle that is not in the snacks list is TFR.

Final tip is that we have many other resources on our website which are FREE so make the most of them. I have included a link below to our our tool box page that has many more great tools for you to get started.

What would you like help with?

If there are questions that you would like us to answer please feel free to leave these in the comments section below and we will make sure that you get the answers that you need!

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Thanks for reading

Kind regards







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    Watch out these two will be seen on the big screens soon xx

    Fab video girls x well done x u r gorgeous x

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    Well done ladies!!!!! 🙂 Looking like superstars 🙂 xxxxxxx

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    Well done both of you , superstars xx

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    LOVE IT! 🙂 well done, and nicely succinct and simple – what the New You Plan is all about! xxx

  6. well done ladies looking fabulous good tips too x