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Darren’s 12 Week TFR Transformation*

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Darren's 12 Week TFR Transformation

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

Darren has been on an incredible journey! Over the past 12 weeks he has been on a life changing mission to lose weight. During this time, not only has he smashed his goals, but he has played an active role in our Secret Slimmers community, motivating and inspiring others on their journey. He truly is one of a kind and we are super proud!

In just 12 weeks, Darren has lost an incredible 90lbs – that’s a huge 6 stone! But this has been about more than just losing weight. Darren has been on a complete transformation mission. He has drastically seen his health improve, his energy levels have sky-rocked, his mood is constantly elevated and not to mention he is walking miles daily to increase his fitness.

Darren's 12 Week TFR Transformation

Darren has shared every stage of his journey and was even brave enough to reveal his weekly weigh in results LIVE! Darren stepped on the scales every week and revealed how much weight he had lost, so we have been there with him literally every step of the way. He also took photographs every week so we could see him shrinking before his eyes. It’s the perfect way to see just how far you have come, which is why we recommend all our slimmers take photos at every stage.

In a short space of time, with the right dedication and perfect New You TFR plan, so much can be achieved and Darren is proof of that. Click on his video below as he shares his highs of being on plan and how his life has dramatically changed for good!


 Darren’s amazing results

Darren's 12 Week TFR Transformation

If like Darren, you want to create your own New You, getting started couldn’t be easier! Check out our Get Started page here & get in contact if you have any questions. We’d love to help you find the bundle that is right for you!



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3 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Darren, thank you for your video. Your start echoes with me. I have lost me, and I am a very depressed and as u put it upset. I have order my 2 week bundle and will begin next weekend. Thank you for giving me a little hope.

    Anna x

  2. Phil Smith says:

    Friend has recommended you. I NEED TO LOSE 3 STONE. WHEN CAN I START?


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