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Darren Week 20: Total loss 96lbs on Total Food Replacement Refeed*

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Wow what a week in Brighton I just had!! I feel on top of the world, the most amazing part of the week for me was to sit on Aerlingus plane and not have any seat belt issues at all in fact there was a total of 8-10 inches spare this time flying, WOW WOW WOW I’m a loving the new me and how more confident I am.

I was in Brighton for 6 days and I am so blown away with how dedicated I was to my health and diet still while being away, Yes I was surrounded by the crazy amount of blips left right and centre but I stuck to my no carb diet and had only minimal amount of alcohol to enjoy myself and had a laugh with everyone.

I arrived into Brighton on Tuesday and we started to meet friends and people who had not seen me in over a year and to say they were shocked is an understatement. People could not actually get over how quick and how healthy I was looking, it really does perk you up knowing the weight loss is so worth it when people compliment you and make you feel so special WOW it is such an amazing feeling that I never want to go away.

Photo 15-03-2016, 08 37 51

I decided in Brighton that on my return I would be joining back to TFR on the #MChallenge and OMG…. This has got to be the BEST CHALLENGE YET, I am absolutely loving it.



2 weeks ago I was 16 stone 11lbs  this week when I weighed in after Brighton I defo retained water a lot as I was 17stone 3lbs but that’s fine with me as since I have been on Re-feed my body goes up and down all the time, it’s crazy and at first I would panic and go into shut down mode but I have now learned that this is all part of my body and I also go by the clothes feeling now too as I have always retained water so much I know the weight from Brighton is just the alcohol taking into effect in my body as I was food wise 100% all the time.

There was a part of the evening where we had all been drinking and it was time to head back to the hotel, everyone in the company went to the Chip Shop to get food, I stayed out side being strong and refused to go in and order Carb food, instead I went next door and got a bottle of sparkling water and enjoyed it as they all ate their sea side food out by the pier, it smelled good but I refused to even get close to them as I know my downfall and I have learnt that I just can’t go and eat exactly what I want as my body will just destroy the hard work I have put in.

I got a beautiful message from one of the lovely Slimmers Anna on the Friday to say she will be down in Brighton on the Sunday and If I had time could we meet for a coffee, well I can tell you now I have never had such an emotional coffee ever, spending time with the one and only beautiful Anna was so precious and lovely, We chatted for over an hour and 30 mins and it was like we have been friends for life, I can assure you we are now friends for life. She has an amazing way of talking to you and making you feel so special. Thanks you so much Anna for taking the time to meet up with me it was so emotional and lovely and can’t wait to do it again.

So yes….. I have started back on TFR day 1 has gone so well, I’m feeling back in the zone already and I am back on the challenge so much I love it. I did a huge write up on my own page yesterday to tell everyone about my magical journey with the new you plan and how everyone else can also achieve this. To say I am in love with the New You Plan and the Secret Slimmers is an understatement.





I want to help as many people as possible feel as good as I am right now, I am on my journey to lose about another 25lbs between TFR and re-feed, I know I am in a good place now as I know what I must do to keep the weight done and off and I am more confident with my relationship with food. I actually cannot wait to jump back into re-feed and start eating healthy again.

My holiday is in 58 days and I need to be a skinny mini to fit into all my new clothes lol. So yes 25lbs will do that for me and then I will maintain the weight loss and keep it down for good. I am so excited and jumping for joy I can join you all on the amazing journey with the New Challenge, Remember head down and focus you can get there don’t think to big take day by day and you will achieve this x

Love to you all

Dazz x


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The first thing you need to do is SIGN UP FOR THE FREE CHALLENGE so that you get all the emails, videos and motivation.

Once you sign up, you will get an email that will confirm your registration and then instructions on what to do next.

The first of the #Mchallenge is to take your #measurements and get a good picture of where you are now, how you feel and what you want to change!

The challenge is LIVE, so I will be adding more videos and PDFs for you daily as we go along!

Please feel free to give us feedback as we go! 🙂


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