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Darren Week 19: Total loss 96lbs on Total Food Replacement Refeed*

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Photo 06-02-2016, 08 24 24

Hello everyone I hope you’re doing well

Today finds me over whelmed to say the least, I am successfully maintaining my weight every week for the past 4 weeks, This is an actual dream come true, I didn’t think at this stage of re feed I would still be maintaining but I am and I’m feeling great.

This weeks weigh in again is 16 stone 11lbs, I’m currently writing this at 4.30am as I am off to Brighton this week till Monday, as much as I am going to be letting my hair down I will still be staying away from Carbs, there will be alcohol consumed I think but this will only be Gin and Tonic, I am dead set of giving myself 3lbs to play with while I am away, I’m going to be super busy so the possibility of getting in walks there will be slim but I will try my best. I’m so excited as this will be the first time I have seen people since November when I stated my phase two at 23 stone 5lbs. Excited is not the word!!! 

Well this week was just as fast and getting easier, my food choice is really going well and I am feeling so good and healthy with all my choices, but I have some very exciting news……..

I will be back on TFR from the 4th April to shed the last 25 lbs to get to my goal of 15 stone, I am hoping I will be okay and well enough for this so I am off to the doctors next Monday for final check-up and tests and then Boom I will be back on it for a few weeks.  I’m dead excited about this as I know I have worked so hard on my diet plan to not allow me to go up in weight so anything I will be losing is going to be real fat as I don’t have any carbs what so ever. I can’t wait to get into all my Holiday clothes and start to feel and look amazing for my holiday in June, I have exactly 67 days to shift the weight and get back into my carb free and healthy food again for the holiday.

Photo 29-03-2016, 07 54 07












I was super proud yesterday as Kieran said to me I hope you don’t mind me saying but I’m so proud of you for how you’re doing on your diet of healthy food, he said to be honest at this stage I though takeaways and bad food would be back in the house and us both eating crap again but he hugged me and said I’m so proud of you for changing your life around, I said to him I have changed and I feel my whole life has changed so much since I Joined the New You Plan, I can’t thank you all so much for the love and support we all have on the Secret Slimmer’s page. Its time like this it makes it all worthwhile.

Kieran is my rock in all of this he has stood by my side through the good times and the bad! He fully supports my decisions in regards to healthy food choices and this makes me feel so much stronger knowing that I am not in this alone!


Look at the difference – when I started my journey and my most recent picture with him!! I cant believe the change in myself!! Even I am AMAZED at the difference!! 

Photo 15-03-2016, 08 37 51


A lot of people are possibly reading this blog and thinking I wish I could do that and lose weight and maintain, well I am here to tell you, now you can, I have had the most amazing journey with The New You Plan and it will continue for many many years to come.

How I am maintaining, its quiet easy actually, I am still taking my 3 products a day with 3 healthy meals a day too, completely feeling the love, I have 2 bars and a meal or Pancake or shake, and I’m loving it too, I know I can bring my little bowl and use hot water and I have the most amazing New you products ever. You can do this, I was so scared when I started re feed like so many others I felt I was going to sabotage myself and destroy the hard work I had already done, I sat down one night and spoke to myself and said there is not a chance I am going back to where I was not even a stone. Once I get my goal weight I will be playing with a 7 lbs target to stay within, it’s amazing how much 7 lbs can creep back on in no time if you just eat wrong over a few days. This will be healthy me from now on, I have love my time on re feed the Maintainers page is absolutely buzzing with beautiful meal ideas and a lot of people still losing weight and best of all maintaining.


This week I leave you with a quote I love. It’s called motivation.thumbnail

M– make short term goals
O– out with the negative thoughts
T– think of why you want it
I– imagine how you will feel
V– visualize the future you
A– acknowledge your successes
T– treat yourself with respect and a pamper night
I– investigate new clothes and healthy meal options
O– observe your healthy lifestyle
N– never give up and never give in


I am back walking again after 3 weeks of being unable to get out but I really enjoyed it – it was such a beautiful day and I was in the ZONE!!!


Love Darren x


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