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[Julz blog] The second best time to start your diet is TODAY!

Start your diet

New You Plan Founder Julie-Ann discusses why TODAY is actually the best day to start your diet and how small steps will get you to your end goal. The best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. 🌲 The best time to lose weight in 2017 and be 100% on plan for 12 weeks was in January 2017. The second best time is today. ☀️ 3 months from now is mid-August. 📆 What you weigh, your health, your style, your confidence, your fitness, strength and energy, all depends on what you decide to do between now and then. 😎💄🏃🏽🏋🏻🏊🏼‍♀️🎯📸 So many […]

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Why Meal Replacements Can Break Your Bad Eating Habits

Meal replacements

Today, New You Plan Founder Julie-Ann shares why meal replacements are the perfect way to break your bad eating habits and sort out your relationship with food, once and for all. Are you sceptical?? Do you think you CAN’T lose weight. Do you think our plan DOESN’T WORK. Do you think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be 100%. Do you think you are TOO OLD to be slim? Yip, if you do think any of these then you are like most people 😀   We all can be sceptical when it comes to what we believe we are capable of. And there is even more scepticism around diet claims, as there are […]

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Julz’s Top Tips For Success

New You Plan Founder Julie-Ann uses her own personal experience to share her tips for success to help you smash your New You Plan weight loss goals. “And if things don’t work out…. Just take another shot!” 🎯 I  this. In my life I can honestly say that I had to take sooooo many shots to achieve the best things in my life. I think I stopped smoking 100 times. I used to joke that I was brilliant at stopping smoking as I have done it so many times, lol. 🚬 I haven’t smoked for 9 years now. One time I stopped and soon realised that “just one” was never […]

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Julz’s First Week TFR Diet Tips

Here, New You Plan Founder Julz shares her first week TFR diet tips to ensure you wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction! Week one can be HARD. You need; Determination Willpower Mental Strength To put yourself first On days 3 to 5 you will probably reach a point that will be make or break it for you. My advice…. FIGHT HARD 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 Fight for your dreams. Fight for your future self. Fight for a slimmer you. Fight for a more confident you. Fight for a more energised you. Fight for a happier you! At the other side of this week, if you stay 100% you will […]

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Don’t Give Up On Your TFR Diet!

DON’T GIVE UP IF YOU LOSE 1 or 2 POUNDS ONE WEEK. Having seen thousands of people get to their target weight on TFR diet here is an example average weight loss journey*: Week 1: 7.5 pounds Week 2: 3 pounds Week 3: 2 pounds Week 4: 4 pounds Week 5: 1 pound Week 6: 5 pounds Week 7: 3.5 pounds Week 8: 2.5 pounds Week 9: 3 pounds Week 10: 5 pounds Week 11: 2 pounds Week 12: 3.5 pounds Total lost: 2st 10 in 12 weeks*. Or… Size 20 to size 14/16* Size 16 to size 10/12* As you can see the weight loss is different every week. […]

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#Me #MyJourney #MyGoals for 2017

POST COPIED FROM OUR SECRET SLIMMERS SUPPORT GROUP ON FACEBOOK Hi everyone! 😘 I’m going to tell you a little about me as part of our new you photo challenge for the new year! I hope you will join in! #me #newyearnewme #photochallenge I’m Julz! 😄 And I am the owner of the new you plan! I started the company in November 2009 with a big dream of creating a weight loss company that didn’t just help people to lose weight but to believe in themselves more and be happier! I truly believe that so many people are holding themselves back from living their best life because of their weight!! […]

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Take Your Mask OFF After Halloween

This Halloween we had a Fancy Dress party and invited all our family round to our house. 20 adults and 10 kids; We had a blast!   We hired a selfie mirror, had Halloween themed food and a fireworks display! Our family dressed up as the Day of the Dead Mexican Family. It was great fun! 🙂 This is me with my face painted!  Usually I smile in photos, but I really got into character and kept a serious face on for all my photos.  It is great fun dressing up, putting on masks and facepaint and pretending to be someone different for the day for Halloween but it got me thinking […]

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7 Weeks From Now Is Halloween! How Fit Do You Want To Be?

  Halloween is coming and The New You Plan customers are getting Slim! On Saturday, the 11th of September, I realised that in exactly 7 weeks, it would be the last Saturday in October, Halloween weekend. Spooky! Time flies, doesn’t it! 7 weeks! Eeeeks! That really is not a long time! This year has flown by, super fast, and guess what? The next 7 weeks, they are going to fly in super fast too! So it is up to us to decide what we are going to do in the next 7 weeks! The time is going to pass anyway, and it is going to pass fast, so we might as […]

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#WhyWednesday: What Is YOUR Why?

  Today is #WhyWednesday in our Support Group, Secret Slimmers. Knowing WHY you want to lose weight is the big driver for your success. When you are clear on what it means to you to lose weight and how it will improve and impact, your health, your family, your loved ones and your general ability to get out and enjoy everything that life has to offer, the more clear your “WHY” becomes. The clearer your WHY, the bigger chance of your success. I read Jackie’s post this morning in Secret Slimmers, and I could totally relate to it. Before Jackie started The New You Plan, she was 238 pounds. Now, […]

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OMG What Did I Just Watch? (Traumatised): Watch The Documentary “Obesity: The Post Mortem?” NOW

Have you heard about the new documentary called Obesity: The Post Mortem? There has been a lot of talk about it in the newspapers in the last few days.  It was released on 13th September on BBC 3. You can watch it online HERE.  One of our Secret Slimmers just watched the documentary today. She wrote in our group:  OMG, what did I just watch!?!  Obesity: The post mortem (BBC 3) Forget Day 1 tomorrow. Day 1 is NOW! I wanted to switch it off :/ but couldn’t! If anyone wants a harsh slap in the face why we need to reduce our weight (Especially me: apple belly fat shape, 19 + […]

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