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“My life changing year with The New You Plan!”

For customer Lucy, 2017 has been a year of transformation. She lost a life changing 6 stone in 6 months after spending last Christmas feeling miserable about her weight. This Christmas, she feels like a totally different person. Here, she shares her story and why she believes 2018 will be your year. Lucy, when did you start The New You Plan? I started in January 2017 after spending Christmas feeling miserable about my weight. I vowed then and there that it would be the last time I would feel down about my weight. January was a clean slate, the start of a new year, and therefore the perfect time to start. I was […]

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Darren Week 22: Total loss 99lbs on TFR

Hey everyone I hope your all doing really well, this week I had to introduce a mini re feed into the plan as I am now on medication which requires food, but I’m over the moon with the medication and food I stayed the same this week which means I am still rocking maintenance and feeling amazing, still 16stone 8lbs and feeling better. This week I was struck down with the Man flu and omg I was dying omg I was in an awful way, stuffy face, swollen glands and blocked nose was awful apologies on my videos lol, they were quiet scary lol. But after a couple of days […]

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Darren Week 21: Total loss 99lbs , Week 1 back on TFR 9lbs loss

I’M BACK!!!   Oh my word!! What a week back on TFR and already feeling even more amazing than I thought possible, 9lbs down this week and OMG I’m jumping around with Joy. It’s absolutely incredible how well I feel when I do TFR, I was a little nervous coming back onto TFR as I had been so good on re feed never touched any Carbs or sugary treats so it was absolutely amazing to feel great and super amazing on my 5 weeks of refeed, I was in Brighton last week and on my return even though I had been good with food I had still put up about […]

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Darren Week 20: Total loss 96lbs on Total Food Replacement Refeed*

WOW WOW WOW!!   Wow what a week in Brighton I just had!! I feel on top of the world, the most amazing part of the week for me was to sit on Aerlingus plane and not have any seat belt issues at all in fact there was a total of 8-10 inches spare this time flying, WOW WOW WOW I’m a loving the new me and how more confident I am. I was in Brighton for 6 days and I am so blown away with how dedicated I was to my health and diet still while being away, Yes I was surrounded by the crazy amount of blips left right and centre but I stuck to my no carb […]

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Darren Week 19: Total loss 96lbs on Total Food Replacement Refeed*

  Hello everyone I hope you’re doing well Today finds me over whelmed to say the least, I am successfully maintaining my weight every week for the past 4 weeks, This is an actual dream come true, I didn’t think at this stage of re feed I would still be maintaining but I am and I’m feeling great. This weeks weigh in again is 16 stone 11lbs, I’m currently writing this at 4.30am as I am off to Brighton this week till Monday, as much as I am going to be letting my hair down I will still be staying away from Carbs, there will be alcohol consumed I think […]

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Darren Week 18: Total loss 96lbs on Total Food Replacement Refeed*

  Darren has been completing his weight loss journey with us now for 18 weeks, he has done 12 weeks on full TFR and he has now been following refeed for 6 weeks due to medical reasons!! He started the plan weighing in at 23.5 Stone. He is now 16 stone 11lbs meaning he has lost a total of 96lbs so far THIS IS AMAZING!!    Hi guys Darren Here ???   Wahooooooo… I’m loving my refeed and maintaining my weight loss!!   I am now 16 stone 11lbs…… BOOOOOM!!!    I’m feeling so amazing right now, just jumped on the scales and I am the same weight as last week […]

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Week 17: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement Refeed*

OMG I did it……   This week’s weight is 16st 11lbs   I am down ANOTHER 3lbs – WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO  Yes I finally broke into the 16 stone barrier and boy am I feeling absolutely amazing. 3lbs gone for good, I can feel the losses each week in my clothes and my whole body frame, it’s an amazing feeling this week knowing I have now broken into the 16 stone barrier, 15 stone I am coming to get you next month x   This week has been such a huge busy week for me, I just don’t know where to start, each day I am finding myself no matter what is on […]

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Week 15: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement Refeed *

Join me for my 2nd week of Refeed! Boom reef feed week 2 and down 1.5 lbs this week, Delighted at the end of week 2 Refeed that I have lost another 1.5 lbs which after no exercise and no gym for 5 days was brilliant. I have to admit that when I was going into refeed I was nervous as hell. I felt like I didn’t not want to go back onto food and destroy everything I had done so well, but thankfully I no longer have that issue. I have had the most amazing 2 weeks on refeed and lost weight as well. It’s amazing how well I […]

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Darren’s 12 Week TFR Transformation*

Darren's 12 Week TFR Transformation

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee. Darren has been on an incredible journey! Over the past 12 weeks he has been on a life changing mission to lose weight. During this time, not only has he smashed his goals, but he has played an active role in our Secret Slimmers community, motivating and inspiring others on their journey. He truly is one of a kind and we are super proud! In just 12 weeks, Darren has lost an incredible 90lbs – that’s a huge 6 stone! But this has been about more than just losing weight. Darren has been on a complete transformation mission. He has drastically […]

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Week 13: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement weight loss*

*Individual weight loss results will vary, this is not a guarantee. Week 13: Darren’s VLCD Total Food Replacement weight loss* I am astonished again at my weight loss this week, another 4 lbs gone again forever. I am feeling so in the zone right now, I’m getting closer and closer to my goal – it’s so close I can almost taste it! This is going to be my 13th week on plan and Booooom… I have lost an astonishing 86lbs in 13 weeks, I am now only 2 stone and 8 lbs away from my target of 15 stone goal. This week I hosted a fundraising dinner dance in the Pilo Hotel, County […]

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