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Summer Kickstart Transformation Challenge Bundles

Does the thought of summer terrify you? Did you start the year with a goal to finally lose weight, but old habits crept back in and you find yourself in the same place you started? Are you worried that you’ll go on holiday and won’t have the confidence to wear a swimsuit? Or, do you have an event coming up that you dream of wearing a slinky, fitted summer dress to? The summer months are wonderful, but for those lacking in confidence due to their weight, it comes with fear. Fear that you won’t be able to enjoy it to its full potential because your weight is holding you back. […]

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1 Month Mission Summer Transformation Bundle

1 month mission

A month is such a short space of time. It’s gone in the blink of an eye and before you know it, we’re onto the next one. BUT, in New You Plan terms, BIG things can be achieved in the short space of just 30 days. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you dedicated just one month to yourself and YOUR transformation? No doubt, like many people, you started the year with the feeling that it was going to be YOUR year. But somehow, life just got in the way as it usually does, and here you are, five months into it, still waiting for that ‘perfect time’. Are your jeans […]

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6 Week WOW Summer Transformation Bundle

6 week wow

Are you fed up feeling fat and frumpy? Feel like you’ll NEVER lose weight and being at your ultimate dream size is just that… a dream? The fact is this… thousands of our customers have been in your shoes! They’ve tried every diet under the sun, but have never been able to stick at it or have hit that stage where they can’t seem to lose any more weight. BUT, the good news is that they found The New You Plan, and totally changed their lives in the process. And, now you can too! If you want fast, safe, exciting weight loss results, our 6 Week WOW Transformation Bundle will […]

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[Candida Blog] Community Update: This Week In Secret Slimmers

“ Life is not measured by how many days we have, but what we do with them!” A week flies by so quickly in Secret slimmers and what a fabulous week it has been! There have been so many amazing losses and outstanding achievements this week, with slimmers committing to their journey wholeheartedly to lose weight forever and to change their mindset to become happier and healthier people. Angela has embraced the plan and moved from obese to overweight. Her determination is the difference between the impossible and the possible. Suzanne has just begun her journey and is feeling motivated and ecstatic at her 10Ib weight loss in just one […]

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{CHALLENGE} February Daily Theme!

Can you believe January is already over? It will be Summer before we know it! As you know throughout December and January we launched photo challenge to keep us all focused and on track throughout the month and to bring a little fun to our community. For February we have decided to expand on the idea a little and create a Daily Theme challenge instead of a Photo Challenge. The different with this one is we want you to get creative with your entries, it doesn’t have to only be photo’s..we want to see poems, videos, artwork etc. Whatever you can relate the theme too we want to see it. […]

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Our Secret Slimmers Family: We’re More Than Just A Community

Today’s daily theme challenge is one of the most important of all – FAMILY. So with this in mind, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to our family – our Secret Slimmers group. One of the biggest reasons people confess to ditching their diet is lack of motivation. When our founder Julie-Ann Muldoon was starting the company, she knew she needed to create an inspiring community of people, who are all on the same journey together. And so, Secret Slimmers was born. But what started out as a community became so much more than that! We are a FAMILY! So what exactly is Secret Slimmers and […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Skip Breakfast

5 reasons why you should never skip breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you feed yourself what your body needs when it needs it, that’s love. So give your bod some TLC and sit down and enjoy a good, substantial breakfast.”      –  Kathy Freston, best selling author “Breakfast: It’s the most important meal of the day!” It’s an expression that’s been branded around for years, but one which is filled with tonnes of truth! Consuming a healthy breakfast every single day is important for our health and weight management and skipping it can have adverse effects. So if you’re someone who heads off in the morning without fuelling first, here we […]

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10 Easy Ways To Drink More Water & Feel Fabulous!

Whether you’ve just started your New You Plan journey, or you’re back to lose a few pounds, you’ll know that one of the principals of the plan is to up your water intake to the maximum. While on the plan, we’re always stressing the importance of drinking water and how upping your intake can have a big impact on the amount of weight you lose. While we understand this importance, we also know that drinking water can be difficult, and also a bit of a bore. So, we’ve put our heads together and we’re delighted to share with you our tried and tested… 10 Easy Ways To Drink More Water 1. […]

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5 Top Tips To Easily Add Exercise To Your Lifestyle

Add Exercise To Your Lifestyle

Let’s face it – life can be pretty busy at times. Many of us have full-time jobs, families to take care of and homes to keep clean, among lots of other things. So we aren’t surprised to hear that many of our customers have little or no time for exercise. The New You Plan is not just about losing weight but changing attitudes and lifestyles. And because of this, we are fully onboard with introducing exercise into our lives. If the thought of trying to fit a workout into your already hectic lifestyle has you breaking out in a sweat, panic not! Here we share our 5 top tips to […]

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{ CHALLENGE } What’s cooking this week? #newyoucookoff

We like to challenge you at the New You Plan and this week was no exception. With the great results we got last week with the fishy dishes and unusual combinations, we decided to push you a little further and present two new themes to test your creativity. This week we opened up your artistic side in our TFR kitchen and asked you to create unique dishes with the use of silicone moulds. The mould style and what TFR packs you put into them was completely up to you. This opened up both sweet and savoury combinations and presented all our packs in a new and appetising way. The maintainers […]

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