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10 ways to drink more water

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At The New You Plan, we understand that drinking water can be a bit of a bore! So with this in mind, we have put together 10 easy ways to increase your water intake, helping keep you on track for a brand New You.

LemonandOrangeProduct1) Add some flavour

We get it – water can be pretty boring! Why not amp up its taste with our selection of delicious Water Flavourings? Our BRAND NEW Orange Lemon Zing has already proved popular with customers, but hurry… it’s availability is limited so get it while stocks last! Available here.

2) Spice up your life

It’s no surprise that eating something spicy will have you reaching for the water. Why not add some chilli flakes to your next New You Plan Meal to heat things up a bit and increase your water intake in the process! (Note: when adding herbs and dried garlic to your meals, check the ingredients to ensure they do not contain salt).

10-ways-water-043) There’s an app for that

Yip, technology has stepped up here with several apps available to monitor how much water you’re drinking. Try Waterlogged for iPhone or Water Your Body for iPhone and Android devices. If apps aren’t your thing, just set reminders on your phone throughout the day to hit the water cooler.

 81P1b9EtjSL._SL1500_4) Upgrade your water filter

Water filter just sitting in your fridge taking up space? Dump it and buy one you’ll actually use! We’re loving this BRITA Marella Cool Water Filter Jug available in a cool collection of colours. This is perfect for reducing limescale, chlorine and other impurities in your water, leaving you with nothing but pure tasting water.

5) Keep it insight

If you work at a desk all day or spend hours on the road, keep a glass of water on your desk or water bottle in your bag so it’s always to hand. If it’s close at hand, it’s a constant reminder to drink it. For those on-the-go days, our Blender Bottles double up as great water bottles!

6) Consider it an appetizer

Drinking 500ml before meals can help you lose weight, according to a 2010 study in the journal Obesity. Just knowing that drinking up can help you feel fuller should be enough motivation to grab a glass.

tumblr_lzhxdqZsBI1rpegdlo1_5007) Knowing the benefits of water

As well as knowing that water helps you lose weight, learning its other amazing benefits will have you sipping up. Did you know that water flushes out toxins, leaves your skin glowing and boosts your immune system? Phew… Drink up!

8) Mark your water bottle

We came across this cute ‘How To’ on Pinterest and LOVE it!


 9) Heat it up

Thankfully, following The New You Plan still means you can enjoy black tea and coffee, which counts towards your water intake. A great tactic for tea and coffee drinkers is to sip a glass of water while waiting for the kettle to boil or your coffee to brew. You’ll meet your daily consumption in no time!

7dc144dec3cef52ff09f0a1f2886175f10) Cool it down

On those hot summer days, nothing tastes as good as an ice-lolly! Mix up your New You Plan Water Flavouring with water, pour into an ice-lolly pop mould and freeze for a delicious guilt-free snack.

Check out our mouthwatering selection of Water Flavourings here.

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